Cerulean Nautilus Area Quest – Kalista’s Version

Cerulean Nautilus

Finding the Nautilus:
The Nautilus has its own respawn timer separate from the zone repop. You can tell cerulean message to see if it is alive.

In the Unchartered Oceans, search for a green ! on the map. The location moves regularly, randomly throughout the area.
In room it looks like this as you stumble upon it:
@C(H) @BA giant waterspout is here, terrorizing the oceans!

Once you have found the location, you will find a water spout in that room. enter spout to enter a holding room, and go down to fight the Nautilus.

Fighting the Nautilus:
The room the Nautilus in is noquaff and the fight is difficult. If you die during the fight, though, you have a short window where you can return and it will not have healed.
Like any other large, tough-hitting mob, dampen/dispel and spam heals.

Note: Having a buddy help heal you/recite scrolls/cast incompletes will drastically improve your odds of killing him if you die/need to re-find him/heal. Ask for an assist if you need!

The item is owned/noreown, hero-only, and stats/level are based upon your tier when you kill it.

Cerulean Nautilus Tentacles
| Keywords : UO_belt cerulean nautilus tentacles 291belt
| Name : Cerulean Nautilus Tentacles
| Type : Armor Level : 291
| Worth : 31,337 Weight : 1
| Wearable : waist
| Material : organic
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, blessed, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, nocurse, noreown, heroonly, V3
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +35 Damage roll : +35
| Intelligence : +4 Strength : +4
| Dexterity : +4 Constitution : +4
| Resist Mods: All magic : +30 All physical : +30
| Fire : +10 Electric : -10
| Skill Mods : Modifies Death blow by +5