Enchant Armor Guide – By Kalista

Enchant Armor Guide  by Kalista

You can cast enchant armor on a piece of gear for up to a total of +5. If you stick to this rule, you will not destroy items. If you go beyond +5, you venture on at your own risk. Below are the messages to look for. Count as you go!

+0 message/ do not count:

Nothing seems to happen.

+1 enchant armor message:

(Heavenly) A Benevolent Gaze shimmers with a golden aura.

+2 basic enchant armor message:

(Heavenly) A Benevolent Gaze shimmers with a brilliant golden glow!

+2 enchant armor message + a bonus stat added: 

(Heavenly) A Benevolent Gaze shimmers with a brilliant golden glow!

(Heavenly) A Benevolent Gaze pulses with magical energy. You sense that something special just happened

POOF/Torkin’d it message: *inno*

(Heavenly) A Benevolent Gaze flares blindingly and evaporates!

Another POOF message:

(Heavenly) A Benevolent Gaze glows brightly, then fades… oops.

(with this message the item stays in your inventory but all the stats/resists are stripped from it and the score is set to 0)

**note that bonus stats added via enchant armor are not featured on the enchanting table at the bottom but are added directly to the stats/piece so if you compare it to an unenchanted piece it’s obvious, but not so much otherwise.


Kalista’s Random Enchanting Info

When I enchant clan gear, I make 100x pieces at a time (keep about 20%) and cast in this order: solidify 100x, next, resonate, and so on.. illuminate, enchant armor. I have less experience with using reinforce, but it works similarly to enchant armor above with similar +1/+2 messages and adds str/dex as bonus stats instead of more luck/wis. Play around with it like you would enchant armor and use the +5 rule.

Because our clanskill makes changing align so easy, I also change my align when the moons come up. White moon = good align, black moon = evil align, grey moon = neutral align. Never enchant while 3moons are up, just take a break if it happens or you will lose pieces and find your rolls suddenly suck. 3moons/enchanters focus don’t stack or are bugged in some way. No jokes, give it a try if you really want to lose your hard earned efforts. Make sure you enchant in rooms where you can check weather for this reason. 

Rolls I keep: Solidify +6 DR/HR (Keep every 1:3 HR’s to ensure more DR than HR’s), Resonate 3+, Illuminate 4+ (Remember that enchant armor can add stats so if you make an 8+ stat piece, try to make it +9 before you toss it!) Min stats that I keep are 9+ generally.


Copy & Pastes for Enchanting 260 Gear:

Unkeep 2;sell all


Disenchant 20 solid confirm;c solid 20;id 2

C solid;id 2


Disenchant 20 reso confirm;c reso 20;id 2

C reso;id 2


Disenchant 20 illu confirm;c illu 20;id 2

C illu;id 20

Enchant Armor:

C ‘enchant armor’20;C ‘enchant armor’20;C ‘enchant armor’20

(I always cast this minimally 3x – that will -never- break a piece of gear but many times you need to cast MORE than 3x so pay attention)