New Member Resource Guide

New Member Resource Guide

Welcome to The Order of Light. Congratulations on making it into the Clan. We’re glad to have you here with us. Collectively, we’ve put together some resources and links on the website that we thought you might find useful. This is a great page to bookmark as you familiarize yourself with the clan website as included are many clickable hyperlinks.

In case this is your first clan, you can now use the ‘claninfo’ command to see who our leaders are and the promotion rankings. Clan donations can be made by typing ‘clandonate amount’. The ‘clanallies’ command will show you who our allies are and which clans we are hostile to. Please be aware that we do not PK our allies, or take their Hardcore flags. You also now have access to a Clan morgue, so you won’t need any more pesky corpse retrievals.

You will be given access to the members’ only portion of the clan website. Please treat all information, downloads and plugins within these pages as confidential for Light members only; do not share them with non-Light members unless authorized by Clan leaders.

Choosing a Clan House
One of the first steps of becoming an active participant in the Clan is to choose a Clan House. You can go to members > house information > house responsibilities or click the hyperlink below to learn more about the three Clan Houses (Pendragon, House of Heavenly Chaos & Holy Eagles) and what each of them entail. Once you’ve made a decision as to which you’d be best suited to, send a note to the House Leader(s) with your choice and the reason why you want to be in that particular Clan House.

Clan House Responsibilities Hyperlink:

Curious to see who in the Clan is in which Clan House? Check out the hyperlink below to see who else will be on your team. 🙂

Clan House Roster Hyperlink:

The Promotion System & Points
Something you should know about the promotion system is that you will be responsible for tracking your own promotion points. There’s a promotion calculator tool on the website that makes it all very easy to keep track of. You can read more about the ranks and promotion guidelines by visiting members > ranks & promotions > promotion guidelines.

Promotion Guidelines Hyperlink:

Clan Promotion Calculator Hyperlink:

Getting set up with Gear
Now that you’re here, you might want to set yourself up with some new sets of our closed clan gear. We have limited sets available at levels 91/141/171/200/230/260/291, which you will need to purchase to cover the costs for enchanting. We have multiple people muling sets of gear, they are listed below for your convenience. Feel free to send them a note or a tell, or ask Torkin about acquiring gear.

People Muling Clan Gear:
Lews – 91 set
Chapter – 141 set
Chapter – 171 set
Radrat – 230 set
Hinny – 260 set
Chapter – 291 set

Additionally, there is sometimes free overflow bonusloot gear available within the clan. You can ask about that on clantalk, or you can try your shot at sending the following clan members a tell/note about the free bonusloot reserves: Both Kalista and Riot are holding bags of 199-201 bonusloot, try sending either of them a tell if you want to look through it.

Once again, all of the gear we have for you is for Light members only. Please do not abuse the system by taking and reselling them to people outside the Clan.

Goal/AQ Solutions & Epic Guides
Be sure to check out the members > guides:goals section of the website for loads of goal & aq solutions available to you. These also include information on Epics. If you’re new to Epics, be sure to check those guides out before you go on a run and ask any questions you might have on clantalk. Happy exploring & goal solving!

Guides:Goals Hyperlink:

Asking for a Drag, Levels 186-201
One of the many perks of having a Clan is having access to people willing to help you out. One of the things we can fairly consistently help you with is help getting from level 186 to 201. Below is a hyperlink to areas in which our Clan members frequently drag people (Ocean Park (OP)/Shadows End/Icefall/Titan’s Keep) and what to know about them. I highly recommend giving the link a read before asking for a drag on clantalk, it will surely save you some confusion and/or grief if any of these areas are new to you.

Haike’s Drag Info Google Document Hyperlink:

Our Discord Server
In case Discord is new to you, you can download it here: or you can even add the app to your phone if you like.

Our clan uses Discord to communicate while offline, to voice chat during TitanEpics, or to otherwise share photos and/or chat. Usually, someone like Tianshi or Torkin will add you to the server if you send them a tell/note with interest. Here’s a permanent invite link you add click to be added to the Light Discord server:

Once you’ve been added, please change your nickname to your Aardwolf name so that other members can easily identify who you are.

Miscellaneous Clan Info

-There’s a bank flag conveniently located at camp/crecall.
-The Clan Voting booth is located north, down from crecall. You can type ‘vote list’ to see if there are any votes you can participate in at this time and then ‘vote #’ to see the details.
-We have a few potions for purchase in the clan shops. There’s both a curse and an uncurse scroll (north of crecall) and a smurfberries scroll in the open clan shop that casts cure blind 2x, remove curse & refresh spells located 2d from crecall.
-You’ll find our clan questor in that very same location, 2d from crecall.
-2-3x Incomplete scrolls found on the ground, north of crecall, when available.
-Tiger of Kai bonusloot portals can be found in a bag north of crecall, when available.
-Some nosave portals or keys sometimes found north of recall in bags as available.
Hyperlink to a SH PH Guide written by Torkin:
-If you’re interested in learning more about PK/OPK survival, or escaping feel free to contact the following members in a tell or note to discuss: Welding, Torkin, Srykr or anybody in Pendragon House.
-Please post a note to Contigo/Sparhawk/Zhalut/Torkin/Welding and Kalista if you notice any errors on the website. One of them will make sure it gets changed/added.

You can also check out the members > useful information tab for other guides/resources written by our clan members. Ask on clantalk if you have any immediate questions about anything, there are loads of knowledgeable players within the clan who are generally willing to help if they’re around/able.

We’re so glad to have you here with us, welcome to the Order of Light.