Raid Defense Guide

Light Raid Defense

This document attempts to describe at an introductory level the action to take in the event of a raid.  Importantly, there is a role that everyone can play to help defend against the raid regardless of your level or experience.

You will be informed of the raid by messages stating that raiders have entered your maze/are engaging your guards.  No need to panic, just follow this guide.

Background: It is entirely possible to deter a raid with even a modest defense team.  Harassment, distraction and delay are the keys.  Any possibility to (legally of course) waste the raider’s time is helpful. There are roles for every power level of person to play as described below to maximize defense effectiveness.

Initial Steps:

  • Blast our discord (both lounge (allies) and clan talk) to let people know what is happening
  • Inform any light members/allies that you have contact info for (whether via email, text, whatsapp, etc.)
  • Send tells to allied SHs /leaders. Ask them to contact their members to logon and defend
  • Poll Light members to see if any active members have manor links into clan hall. Light members with manor links should invite defenders into their manor and allow defenders inside the clan hall to help from the inside via the watchtower (see below)
  • Form a group and recruit active Light members and potential allies.  Ally defenders will use the command “defend light” to flag as defenders

Defense Strategies

  • Watchtower Use. The defense group should gather in the watchtower inside Light’s hall. The watchtower is south of clan recall and can be accessed by typing “watchtower.” You can move up and down the watchtower to look in at particularly vulnerable points in the maze where you may want to attack. There will be graffiti and/or room descriptions in the watchtower rooms that give instructions and explanations on what exits you see from the watchtower into the maze.  Type “look” in a watchtower room to see the helpful descriptions.  To return to the main clan hall, go to the bottom of the watchtower and type “return.” Note that the raiders cannot scan to see you while you are in the watchtower, but you can scan to see them.
  • Outside Defenders. Only 5 outside defenders (i.e., non-Light defenders) are allowed in the hall at any given time.  Importantly, this does not limit the absolute number of defenders (i.e., you can have 20 outside defenders, but only 5 of them can be in the clan hall at once).  In addition, after an outside defender death, they are locked out of the clan hall for 6 minutes.  Thus, the key is to cycle defenders quickly into the maze as outside defenders die out (i.e., outside defender 1 dies, cycle in via manor link outside defender 6 immediately).  Outside defenders can also harass raiders in the open world before the buffer room, but their primary focus should be helping from the inside.  Note – there is no comparable timeout for inside defenders (see related sub-SH role below with respect to healing after a death).
  • Basic Strategies
    • The main defense group should use the watchtower to attack the raiders at vulnerable spots (e.g., when engaged with a max guard room) and to keep tabs on the raiders’ progress through the maze.
    • The basic strategy with a decent defense group will likely be to attack weak members of the raider group while engaged in max guard rooms. The group leader should coordinate aims to start knocking off the weak raiders and move down based on potential target hp % and relative raider power level (basically, when in doubt aim someone squishy).  Blinding the raiders that you are not aimed at can be a good way to to disorganize their rescues and counteraims  If you are somehow positioned to take out a keyholder or cracker then those should be viewed as “high value” targets, but don’t focus them to the detriment of the larger defense strategy.
    • One useful strategy may be to try and intimidate raiders into jails. If you have a strong defense team, this likely isn’t necessary, but could be useful in certain situations.  In situations where your defense group is not very strong, intimidating defenders into jail rooms may be a primary component of your strategy.  Note that defenders may try to web themselves in place or need fly casted on them to be able to use intimidate effectively.
    • Use inside defenders to clear out jail rooms of raiders acting as markers to the extent possible. Using outside defenders is suboptimal since it will make them subject to the timeout.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Pre-SH: Lower level players should play a very important role in the defense.
    • Reporter
      • One subSH should be assigned the “reporter” role. The reporter should follow the raid party and stay in the room with the main group and report back information.  Information gathered and reported by the reporter should include:
        • general movement information
        • what raider is holding keys
        • whether a raider is particularly low on hit points
        • anything pertinent said in the room
      • It is very important that the reporter never be in a room by himself. This is completely vital because it could be used to guide the raiders through the maze.  If a reporter ever finds himself in a room by himself he should move directly to the main raid group or suicide out immediately.
      • The reporter should sacrifice anything on the ground in any room as it could be used to mark a room. Also, be sure and sacrifice any guard corpses immediately upon death as the corpse could contain a key if the raider has poor inventory management.
    • Manor Link Operator
      • Ideally, a sub-SH with a manor link would be dedicated to letting outside defenders into our clan hall and directing them to our watchtower (south of recall – type watchtower). This frees up our SHs to focus on defense.
    • Healers
      • Every other sub-SH that can use scrolls should go acquire triple healing scrolls (Druid for example has Ogham Barks) and then go camp in the clan healing room. As the defenders die and end up in the maze, spam recite these scrolls on the defenders to heal them up and get them back into the fight asap.
  • Superheroes
    • Join the main defense group and follow instructions of group leader.
    • Graffiti
      • Raiders will often graffiti a room to try and leave a mark so they know where they are in the maze. When the raiders wipe via a death, a Light player (preferably leader so they can use clan funds but it doesn’t have to be) should remove any graffiti they have placed.  If someone other than a leader removes the graffiti, that person will be reimbursed after the raid for any tp spent removing graffiti.