Goal for Aardington Estate – Kalista’s Version

Aardington Estate Goal Solution:

Go to Earl in ‘The Earl’s Den’ (47533) and say yes to start the goal.

* Goal Added: Help the Earl’s staff with odd jobs around the manor.

Go to ‘Kitchen’ (47534) Berta will give you an empty basket and tell you to collect apples
Go to ‘A grove of apple trees’ (15189) in hedgehog’s paradise, and shake tree twice
Give the basket back to Berta
Go see the gateguard just by the entrance of the area
Go to ‘Ivar’s Pub’ (32688) in Aylor
Buy 2 x Pinot from ivar, and 1 x Imperial Stout from 1w of ivar
Go back to Berta
Go d, w, open n, n and get ice rack
Go back to Berta
give ice Berta
Go to the temple (47588 or nearby rooms), and give the hamper to “older resident sister”
Go into the catacombs in the temple (entrance at 47593), and go se2sw, open n, n.
kill the banshee. (Seems to be a low probability drop)
give the relic to “older resident sister” (you receive 2qp and 5000 gold)
Go back to Berta
Go to ‘A Beautiful Garden’ (47583-47586), and find Lendan
say yes
Go find Mistress Marna in Aylor
give her the rose
say “it is from Lendan”
go back to Lendan
give him the piece of paper
Go back to Berta
say I have helped Lendan
Go to the Earl (47533)
say “I have finished helping Berta”

* Task Added : Help the horse trainer near the stables with the animals

Go to the corral (47580)
Go find the nightmare in the dark woods (47562-47565) and kill it
go back to the corral (47580)
Go to Hatchling Aerie, and find an egg attendant
say yes
give him some gold (I gave 5000 gold)
go back to the corral (47580)
give the egg to the trainer (you get 8 qps, 8000 gold) Yeehaw!
go back to the Earl (47533)

* Task Added : Help the housekeeper with her troubles

Go to the store room (47547) to see the housekeeper
go 3e to the maid, and get another task
Kill ducks at ‘A Quiet Lake’ (47559) for feathers (5 per repop, will need 10 repops), and give them to the housekeeper
When you have given them all to housekeeper, this task completes

* Help the maid with her floral arrangements

Kill lorikeet for 3 green feather(47520) and 3 yellow feather(47526).
Kill red and yellow rose bushes for 5 red and yellow petals(47586).
Go back to the maid when you have the feathers and petals.

* Task Added : Collect two drops of honey from the bees in the garden

Find the servant (was s of the staircase for me) and get a new task
Kill bees for 2x ‘honey drop’
Give the 2 honey drops to the servant
Return to the housekeeper

* Task Added : Talk to the Earl and receive your reward
Return to the Earl to complete the goal.

10 qp, 20k gold, 10 trains