Goal for Amazon Nation – Kalista’s Version

The Amazon Nation Goal Solution:

The goal opens at Solari (1438)

say ‘time staff’
say ‘i will help you’
* Task Added : Seek out Queen Melosa

go to Queen Melosa and say ‘time staff’
* Task Added : Return Melosa’s missing headdress.
* Task Added : Return the aqua mirror to Melosa.
* Task Added : Return the time staff to Solari.
* Task Added : Bring pearl to Melosa.

Buy pepper at Minya.
Give pepper Julia;receive watering can
Give watering can to Martha;receive water bowl
Fill bowl clanrecal fountain and give bowl to Effinee;receive silver key
Go to Melosa’s chambers and get the headdress and mirror from the bureau.
Side Note: the mirror is the area portal.
give headdress to Queen Melosa. receive key of judgement.
Kill the Aqua Guardian in the room en of Andrea for the Aqua Mirror.
Give Aqua Mirror to Queen Melosa.
* Task Added : Seek out Jules.

Give Aqua Mirror to Jules. You will be transported.
Kill the elder druid for the key to the north.
Kill Flare for key to the east.
Kill Lucinda for key to the east.
Kill Moonglow (aggro) for Time Staff and energy key.
Kill Galaxia for Pearl of Wisdom and Galaxia’s unholy whip.
Give the Time Staff to Solari.
Give the pearl of wisdom to Queen Melosa. receive Shining Aqua Illusion
Give Galaxia’s Unholy Whip to Andrea.
Go to Queen Melosa and give her the token for the Shining Aqua Light.
Shining Aqua Light

You receive 15 quest points.

Misc Info:
**Special Note Galaxia’s whip is necessary for the Diamond Soul Revelation (DSR) area quest, so bag it if you still need to do that one.

Area Portal Quest // (Note: The area portal is collectible outside the goal!)
run es3e;op n;run 5ne and buy pepper.
run w3n;op n;run 3n2end and give the pepper to Julia. Julia will give you a watering can.
run us2ws2wsw;op w;run 2w and give the can to Martha. She will give you a water bowl.
run 2e;op e;run en4ese;op e;run en and give the bowl to Effinee. She will give you a key
run sw;op w;run wn2w3neun;op e;run 2e;op s;s and ‘get all bureau’. You will get the mirror and headdress.

If you give the ‘Shining Aqua Illusion Staff’ to Solari, she will give you a Magenta Potion.