Goal for Ancient Greece – Kalista’s Version

Ancient Greece Goal Solution:

At Zanroa (2176), say soldier.
** Goal Added : Become a Spartan soldier.

* Task Added : Become a Spartan soldier.’

* Task Added : Look the part.

Say broadsword at a spartan soldier
Note: there are multiple spartan soldiers, just keep going till you find one that will give you a sword
equip broadsword and helmet
At Zanroa (2176), say equipped.
* Task Added : Eliminate the Persian spies!

Kill 10 of the invis/hidden persian spies.
At Zanroa, say killed the spies.
** Task Added : Defeat the War Machine I.

* Task Added : Defeat the War Machine II.

* Task Added : Defeat the War Machine III.

Use mapper goto functions to run to the war machine rooms:
* Plain of the Giants (Rm 2234)
* Eastern Guardhouse (Rm 2069)
* Eastern Officer Barracks (Rm 2075)
* (ROOMS FOR 100%)
* Task Added : Return to the Spartan Captain.

At Zanroa, say defeated.
* Task Added : Help Thucydides.

At Thucydides, say help.
* Task Added : Find Thucydides’ book.

Kill a forest bandit for Thucydides’ War Book.
At Thucydides, give book thucydides.
* Task Added : Help Klisthenes.

At Klisthenes, say help.
* Task Added : Announce Klisthenes’ new law.

Run to Market Square and type announce.
* Task Added : Help Pericles.

At Pericles, say help.
* Task Added : Return Pericles’ oration.

Kill travellers until you get Pericles’ Oration.
At Pericles, give oration Pericles.
* Task Added : Help Poseidon.

At Poseidon, say help, say summon, type kill demon 20 times, and run d.
Demons will not stop spawning keep your own count
* Task Added : Help Athena.

At Athena, say help for orders.
* Task Added : Deliver Athena’s order.’

At judge (in Jail), give orders judge.
* Task Added : Return to the Spartan Captain.

At Zanroa (2176), say assisted.

a Spartan Helmet

**Bonus: Residents in the area may sometimes spell you up after goal completion as well.