Goal for Andolor’s Ocean Adventure Park – Kalista’s Version

Andolor’s Ocean Adventure Park Goal Solution:

Go to the room ‘A Circus Tent’ (39698) down under the sea
Listen mermaid
At gorgeous mermaid, say YES to begin goal.
Goal Added : Something Fishy this Way Comes
Task Added : Help the merfolk get back their precious heirlooms
In the same room (A Circus Tent (39698), enter coral

Collect the twelve types of coral

Cup Coral – Crowned Imp
Pink Coral – Pink Imp
Mushrom Coral – Slug Imp
Brain Coral – Brain Imp
Clubbed Finger Coral – Finger Imp
Snowflake Coral – Snowflake Imp
Ivory Brush Coral – Ivory Imp
Fossil Coral – Skeleton Imp
Bamboo Coral – Bamboo Imp
Lettuce Coral – Lettuce Imp
Staghorn Coral – Horned Imp
Boulder Star Coral – Boulder Imp
When all are collected, go to merdevil in Coral Checkpoint (39719) and say done.

Go to Fossil Coral (39723), enter pavillion, go back to mermaid (39698) to return heriloom.
Go to Seagrass Winery (39693), enter garden

Collect the twelve types of shells

Moon Snail Shell – Moon Snail
Murex Alabaster Shell – Murex Alabaster
Rose Petal Tellin Shell – Pink Tellin
Pear Whelk Shell – Pear Whelk
Painted Egg Cockle Shell – Painted Egg Cockle
Sunray Venus Shell – Sunray Venus Clam
Calico Scallop Shell – Calico Scallop
Horse Conch Shell – Horse Conch
Ponderous Ark Shell – Ponderous Ark
Saw-toothed Pen Shell – Saw-toothed Pen Shell
Sharp-rib Drill Shell – Sharp-rib Drill
Ladder Horn Shell – Ladder Horn Snail
After collecting all 12, go back to Seashell Checkpoint (39733) and say done for heirloom.

Go to An Alarming Hole (39739), enter hole, and go back to mermaid (39698) for second heirloom.
Go to The Big Old Seahorse Barn (39703), enter seaweed

Collect the twelve types of plants

Rockweed Plant – Sea Whistle
Horsetail Plant – Sea Horsetail
Hairy Basket Weed Plant – Hairy Basket
Soft Feather Weed Plant – Soft Feather
Sea Lettuce Plant – Sea Lettuce
Creeping Chain Weed Plant – Creeping Chain
Purple Claw Weed Plant – Purple Claw
Peacock’s Tail Plant – Peacock’s Tail
Felty Fingers Plant – Felty Finger
Seatwine Plant – Dead Man’s Rope
Thongweed Plant – Sea Thong
Broad Leaf Weed Plant – Sea Petal
Go to Seaweed Checkpoint (39705) and say done for heirloom

Go to An Ocean Lake (39711), enter lake, and go back to mermaid (39698) for third heirloom
Go to The Ocean’s Great Secret (39684), enter fishery

Collect the twelve types of fish:

Tomato Clownfish – Tomato Clownfish
Bicolor Goatfish – Bicolor Goatfish
Painted Frogfish – Painted Frogfish
Picturesque Dragonet – Picturesque Dragonet
Foxface Rabbitfish – Foxface Rabbitfish
Pancake Batfish – Pancake Batfish
Longspine Squirrelfish – Longspine Squirrelfish
Peppermint Angelfish – Peppermint Angelfish
Peacock Bass – Peacock Bass
Clown Triggerfish – Clown Triggerfish
Teardrop Butterflyfish – Teardrop Butterflyfish
Starry Puffer Fish – Starry Puffer
Go to Fish Checkpoint (39747) and say done for heirloom.

Go to Nooks and Crannies (39753), enter cave, and go back to mermaid (39698) to complete task.
Task Added : Go on a merdevil killing spree!
Kill 50 merdevils in this area (counter in task).
Return to gorgeous mermaid (39698) and say I LOVE YOU!
Task Added : Find the one ring

Go to Token Ticket Booth (39601) and buy tokens, either for each event or in bulk (about 75 in total).
Collect the following tokens: (These are all from the sign in the Token Ticket Booth room).

(Req. Tokens) Room Instruction(s) Token
The Fire Eater (1) Street Performers (39603) give fun fire and wait lucky fire token
The Puppeteer (1) Street Performers (39603) give fun puppeteer and wait lucky puppet token
The Sword Eater (1) Street Performers (39603) give fun sword, and wait lucky sword token
Chicken Feed (1) Wandering Chickens (39617) exam feed,
insert token lucky chicken token
Tortoise Races (1) Tortoise Races (39628) say spurred, wait through room transfers lucky tortoise token
Minstrels (1) Minstrels on the Bridge (39629) give fun minstrel, and wait lucky minstrel token
Scenic View (1) Adventure Park Scenic View Point
(39633) give fun attendant lucky view token
Artist’s Portrait (2) Artists on the Bridge (39634) say yes lucky portrait token
(2 per attempt) Fishing for Fun (39611) say yes;wear rod;fish
Repeat until you get token lucky duckie token
Whales (3)* Whale Tales (39608) say yes;wear wetsuit;scratch tummy;give fish whale lucky whale token
Dolphins (3) Dancing Dolphins (39622) say yes lucky dolphin token
Kayaks (5)* Boat Rental Kiosk (39606) say yes to start.
Kill mobs to clear each room.
Type instruction yelled from guide after clear.
At dragons, kill moon dragon mother, then enter view
Waiting too long will bring to a room;
kill mobs there to restart instructions in other rooms. lucky kayak token
Wagon Tour (5) Wagon Tours: Sign Up Booth (39631) say yes, wait through room transfers lucky wagon token
Dragon Tour (5) Dragon Tours: Sign Up Booth (39632) say yes, wait through room transfers lucky dragon token
Stage Performance (10) Coral Reef Auditorium (Stage Left) (39615)

At 6pm MUD time, sit seat with tokens in inventory.
An echo will force you to stand; sit again until usher arrives.
Usher will give token after performance lucky theater token
Starred activities will grant rooms towards 100% area explored.
Return to Token Ticket Booth (39601) with all 15 tokens for engagement ring.
Go back to mermaid in A Circus Tent (39698), give ring merman, sit, and wait for goal to close.

Reward is 20qp
Ability to use custom exits within area in room ‘Park Dispatch Service’ (39627).

a broken heart pendant necklace
| Keywords : broken heart pendant necklace
| Name : a broken heart pendant necklace
| Type : Armor Level : 201
| Worth : 10,050 Weight : 21
| Wearable : neck
| Score : 345
| Material : steel
| Flags : invis, magic, held, burn-proof, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Andolor’s Ocean Adventure Park
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +21 Hit roll : +21
| Strength : +5 Dexterity : +5
| Resist Mods: All physical : +11 All magic : +8
| Mental : +6 Poison : -6

Misc Info:
In the backstage area, the guards down from Stage Right (in room 39640) are immune to strangle. The guards down from Stage Left are not, strangle away! Both seem to be equally susceptible to disintegrate.

Deep Ocean (good mobs): run 5ned2nw;enter whirlp

Ocean’s Great Secret (evil mob and subareass): run 5ned2nw;enter whirlp;run esesesenenenenwnwnwnwswsws3d;enter funn