Goal for Anthrox (Area Quest) (Converted)

Goal for Anthrox

Treasure of the Mummy

1. From area start, go 5n (room main street), get all bones. Bones are a hidden container and you will receive some cotton rags. Wait for repop if it is empty.

2. Now gather the rags off the various troll warriors around,
there should be 6 of them torso, head, arms, legs, feet and

3. Go 2n2ws from entrance and enter secret. (room A secret passage)

4. Give all the rags to the skeleton, make sure he gets one of
each and he will give you the treasure of the mummy.

Jester’s Head

1. Get a goblin’s leg out of the feasting table by the drinking ogres. (room center of the feast-table)

2. Go east and south of Quardar and unlock the table(room south east end of the feast table) and remove the jester’s cap. There are 6 tables in the feast area with goblin legs, you have to have the right leg to unlock the table with the Jester’s Cap.

3. Run w3s2eeus to Morgh the jester while wearing the cap and he will follow you.

4. Lead him back to Quardar and watch the nice interaction between
the two mobs. After awhile Quardar will kill Morgh.

5. Kill Quardar for the jester’s head.

6. Kill eating ogre’s (west side of feast-table) until you get a helmet. Keep Helmet for later steps.

Symbol of Freedom

1. First off get the slime out of the cauldron, (room Laratha’s Home) if it aint there then you need an empty repop.

2. Run wn2wsw to Worla and say ‘knowledge’, she will give a message, now
kill her for the book of knowledge.

3. Now head to the salmon and cast levitate or fly on “A salmon is jumping up, attempting to reach the top of the waterfall”. If you dont have lev or fly, a feather wand can be purchased from She in the Pirate Ship area.

4. A bear will appear and kill the salmon, kill the bear for the Apple of Choice.

5. Kill troll training sergeant for some hawthorn berriers in The Military Training Grounds and head back to the entrance. Go 2ne2n and enter bush.

6. Make your way to the whirlpool and eat the berries, if it
poisoned you, then walk south and you will walk past the
whirlpool, there is a key and a pile of gold. (Note: You
might have to poison yourself first before eating the berries)

7. From area entrance run 2n2ed and Unlock the chest for the eye of will and return to the cauldron.

8. Place the slime, eye, book, will, and apple in the cauldron and wait
till you see a message. Now get the symbol of freedom out of
the cauldron.

Dragon winged Helm and Shoes

1. Go to the nest in the north west part of anthrox and get
the dragon wings from the nest.

2. Give the wings to the dragon in the training grounds to
see a message and get the broken wings from the ground.

3. Get any item with the keyword helmet and head to Klach.

4. Sell the wings and helmet to the shop and wait, you will
see a message, now buy the dragon winged helm.

5. In the same fashion, get the wings, and give it to the dragon.
Once you have the broken wings, get any item with keyword
shoes and return to Klach. (runto Market Road, Cheri sells shoes)

6. Sell the wings and shoes to the shop and buy back the dragon
winged shoes.

Lamagra’s Tooth

1. From the armory run n4wnw to the giant wasp in room Animal Cage and wait awhile, he will go through abunch of motions and finally purge himself leaving a tarpot, get it.

2. Run es3e4sen5e to the Blood Swams and drop the tar, wait for the queen to get stuck and kill her for the book of arabus.

3. Run 3se2s2u2w2n3ws to The Freezer up in the caves and get the ball from the lock.

4. Run n3e2s3e2n to the apprentice and enter entrance to get to the ogre shaman and put the ball in the hole.

5. Wait a while for a message and get Lamagra’s Ring from the hole.

6. Head back to the triton cave and head far north of the cave.
7. Head south and up twice, you should be in a room with two
skulls, get the key from one and open the other and get a
ruby amulet. Or just run w2s2d3su. Only works when on AQ.

8. Run d3nu2seun to Ruh Rah and sell the amulet to him, wait a moment and
buy back the ruby stone.

9. Head to the secret portal 2ne2n of entrance and enter bush, head to
the waterfall 2nen and enter water.

10. Cast remove curse on Larkon until you see his weapon glow blue.

11. Give him the ruby stone, you will see a message, now kill him
for a stone brick.

12. Head to Gurgul from entrance 2n32n and give him the brick, he will give a small glass key.

13. Now head to the statue in the blood swamp, see if the shaman is
there, if he is, then you can continue, if not, you need an
empty repop.

14. Wear the ring and give the book and key to the shaman, you will
see a message.

15. Keep the ring on and where lesser, now go to that room and kill
him for the greater priest to be released.

16. In same fashion where greater and go and kill him for lamagra
himself to be released.

17. Find him in the same way and kill him and he will drop the Lamagra’s tooth.

Axa’s Armor

1. Kill off the commanders below Axa’s room then wear the tooth,
shoes, helm, treasure, symbol, and helm.

2. Go up and kill Axa, this mprog has a random on it, also a check
to see if anyone else has one in inven or wearing it, which
makes this item really hard to get, you need alot of luck and
you may get an armor.

Ragadu’s Mace

1. Get the key from the straw in the Oni room and unlock the safe
in Ragadu’s room for the unfinished mace.

2. Get the unfinished weapon from one of the huts up by the nest.

3. Head to the Two dwarves shopkeeper and sell both to them, you
will see a message.

4. Now just buy Ragadu’s Mace.

Triton Emerald Stone

1. Kill the puking troll for a bucket.

2. Give the bucket to Xixaxu and he will drop a key.

3. Go to the locked door in the triton caves and unlock it and
give the key to the king. The king will leave and give you a
carved key.

4. Go to the queen vis and she will ask you to kill the chieftain.

5. Return to the triton caves and kill the chieftain for his
staff, crown and net.

6. Now give the staff, crown, net and key back to the king who
is next to the queen and wait awhile for the message, now get the
stone off the ground.

| Names : anthrox mummy treasure |
| Desc : the treasure of the mummy |
| Type : Treasure Level : 111 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 0 |
| Wearable : take back |
| Flags : magic no-locate |
| Stat Mods : Dexterity : +2 Strength : +3 |
| Hit roll : +11 Damage roll : +11 |

| Names : anthrox jester jester’s head |
| Desc : the jester’s head |
| Type : Light Level : 92 |
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 5 |
| Wearable : take |
| Flags : magic no-locate |
| Stat Mods : Hp : +30 Strength : -3 |
| Mana : +4 |

| Names : anthrox symbol freedom |
| Desc : the Symbol of Freedom |
| Type : Armor Level : 101 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 0 |
| Wearable : take float |
| Flags : glow magic bless no-locate |
| Armor : Pierce : 29 Bash : 29 |
| Slash : 34 Magic : 29 |
| Stat Mods : Dexterity : +7 Strength : +7 |

| Names : anthrox winged dragon helm |
| Desc : a winged dragon helm |
| Type : Armor Level : 111 |
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 2 |
| Wearable : take head |
| Flags : magic no-locate |
| Armor : Pierce : 30 Bash : 24 |
| Slash : 32 Magic : 26 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +7 Damage roll : +7 |
| Skill Mods : Increases Hydroblast by 5 |
| Increases Wolf spirits by 5 |
| Increases Fly by 5 |

| Names : anthrox winged dragon shoes |
| Desc : a pair of winged dragon shoes |
| Type : Armor Level : 111 |
| Worth : 10,000 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : take feet |
| Flags : magic no-locate |
| Armor : Pierce : 35 Bash : 33 |
| Slash : 31 Magic : 26 |
| Stat Mods : Wisdom : +4 Intelligence : +4 |
| Damage roll : +4 |
| Skill Mods : Increases True seeing by 5 |
| Increases Scribe by 5 |

| Names : anthrox lamagra’s tooth |
| Desc : Lamagra’s Tooth |
| Type : Armor Level : 111 |
| Worth : 12,000 Weight : 12 |
| Wearable : take hold |
| Flags : glow magic no-locate |
| Armor : Pierce : 28 Bash : 30 |
| Slash : 34 Magic : 35 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +11 Damage roll : +11 |

Object ‘anthrox Axa’s Armor’ is type armor
Extra flags: glow hum magic bless noremove no-locate held.
Weight is 10, value is 5000, level is 109.
Worn take torso.
Armor class is 30 pierce, 36 bash, 27 slash, and 27 vs. magic.
Affects constitution by 5.
Affects wisdom by 5.
Affects intelligence by 6.

Object ‘anthrox ragadu’s mace’ is type weapon
Extra flags: glow hum magic no-locate held.
Weight is 25, value is 6000, level is 100.
Worn take wield.
Weapon type is mace/club.
Damage is 16d23 (average 192).
Damage type is crush.
Weapons flags: vorpal.
Affects constitution by 3.
Affects intelligence by 3.
Affects damage roll by 5.
Affects hit roll by 5.
Affects save vs spell by -5.

Object ‘anthrox triton emerald stone’ is type armor
Extra flags: magic no-locate held.
Weight is 5, value is 5000, level is 94.
Worn take float.
Armor class is 26 pierce, 29 bash, 30 slash, and 24 vs. magic.
Affects damage roll by 5.
Affects save vs spell by 3.
Affects strength by 4.