Goal for Arisian Realm – Kalista’s Version

Arisian Realm Goal Solution:
* Goal Added : Free Allora from her White Tower.

Go to the room ‘House of the Storyteller’ (28166) and say ‘allora’ to trigger goal

* Task Added : Speak the name of Bramadin’s brother to Silver Gloves.

Go to the room ‘Herbalist’s Shop’ (28161) and buy finger
Run en2en and buy pole
Run s3ws and give pole waiter
Run 2n3eswn and give finger waiter
Run ns and get key off ground
Unlock chest and get Goblin Killer from the chest
Go find Silver Gloves – he wanders around the streets. Careful in that PK area!
Say ‘bramador’ to complete task and be given the sphere key

* Task Added : Open the Dolphin’s Sphere where Allora is trapped.

While still with Silver Gloves, give Goblin Killer to him
Say ‘kings chamber’ to get the chamber key
Go to the room ‘The Palace: King’s Bedroom’ (28190)
When you enter, you’ll get told a bunch of stuff and be given a Pale Dolphin Figurine
type ‘touch key to sphere’ to be transported to the White Tower
Listen to Allora, then say ‘bramadin lives’ to complete task and unlock next steps and be transported back to the beginning of the area

* Task Added : Find a bird’s feather.

Go to the room ‘Herbalist’s Shop’ (28161) and buy feather

* Task Added : Find an item worn by Arisia’s Queen.

Go to the room ‘The Palace: Feast Hall’ (28191)
Kill Beth for the white dress.

* Task Added : Find an item touched by the Goddess.

You already have the pale dolphin figurine given to you in the last task.
Once you have all three, go back to Allora and give her each item to be given a small crystal bottle, and to unlock the next task. (To get back to Allora, go to King’s Bedroom (28190) and ‘touch key to sphere’.)

* Task Added : Give Allora’s potion to King Elbrayn.

Go back to the room ‘The Palace: Feast Hall’ (28191)
Give crystal bottle to Elbryan
All hell will break loose. Type ‘flee’ to escape from the unwinnable fight and complete the task and trigger the next one

* Task Added : Speak to the Healer about defeating Allora the Black.

Go to the room ‘The Fair: At the Healer’ (28174)
Say defeating Allora the Black
Healer will give you two phrases you will need (Copy them to your clipboard if you’re feeling lazy) and will unlock the next task

* Task Added : Speak the ancient words and defeat Allora the Black.

Go to the room ‘The Palace: King’s Bedroom’ (28190)
Say ‘Allora Tempora Majora Denali’ to summon Allora to the room
Say ‘Allora synari mystara mortalis’ to defeat her and complete the Goal.

Area Portal: a dolphin figurine & 10k gold