Goal for Artificer’s Mayhem – Kalista’s Version

Artificer’s Mayhem Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Discover the cause of Castle Fal’Shara’s troubles.
Go to ‘The Throne Room’ ‘Kneel Shahara’ to trigger the goal and the first two tasks

* Task Added : Eliminate the source of the artifacts.
* Task Added : Eliminate the animated objects.

Find and kill the animated dagger for a Mythril Dagger (wanders around main part of castle)
Kill the animated sword for a Mythril Sword (wanders around main part of castle)
Kill the animated plate mail for Mythril Platemail (random drop) (wanders underground maze part)
Kill the animated plate mail for Reinforced Mythril Boots (random drop) (wanders underground maze part)
Go to ‘At the Entrance to the Laboratory’ (1885)
Kill Onkiron for Mythril Gloves (random drop)
Go to ‘Bedroom’ (PK)’ (1897, past the maze)
Kill Aaryn the Artificier for The Royal Crown of Fal’Shara (random drop) and Aura of Binding
Go to ‘Barren Lab’
Kill Baryn the Enchanter for the Ring of Controlling
Go to ‘Room of Artifacts’
Kill Anthalir the Summoner for the Ring of the Magius
Wear all the equipment collected above
Go to ‘The Throne Room’ and Lorn will give you a key

* Task Added : Search for the royal history.

Note: Make sure you are vis for the rest of this for suffer the consequence!

Go to each of the rooms on the balcony where there is a portrait
There is a chest behind each portrait which the throne key opens. In one of these chest you will find #Compendium of Fal’Sharara
Return to ‘The Throne Room’
Give the Compendium to Lorn to complete task and goal.

Misc Info:
Keep hold of the keys to return after repop to farm the Compendiums (portal)
| Keywords : compendium fal shara royal history q6
| Name : Compendium of Fal’Shara
| Id : 436871641
| Type : Portal Level : 182
| Worth : 2,500 Weight : 1
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : paper
| Flags : magic, blessed, held, rot-death, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Artificer’s Mayhem
| Leads to : Artificer’s Mayhem