Goal for Ascension Bluff Nursing Home – Kalista’s Version

Ascension Bluff Nursing Home Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Nursing Home Sleuth
* Task Added : Sleuthing time!

Find Chief Nurse Exectutive, listen chief, say promise
Find Paris Rosethorn in The Conservatory (~667), say ‘stolen items’
* Task Added : Inform Paris once you finish returning stolen items.

NOTE: It may be much quicker to visit all of the task locations and trigger them first, and then go back to Paris and say them all at one after another, rather than running back each time.
* Task Added : Robert is missing his top hat.

Go to Robert’s Room (15197) for task
Find Paris, say ‘top hat’
Look around for a hyperactive child that laughs when you enter the room and “whizzes past you”. Chase them around trying to ‘pounce child’ until you catch them and recover the top hat
Return to Robert’s Room, give hat Robert
* Task Added : Abigail is missing her sheet music.

Go to Abigail’s Room (31997) for task
Find Paris again, say ‘sheet music’
Go to The Staff Room (32001), open cabinet, get all cabinet, wear net, use net for fragment [4/4]
Go to The Activity Room (32002), get all table for fragment [2/4]
Go the A Sanitary Hallway (31988). It is the one north of Glaadys’ Room with a paisley bench. Get all bench for fragment [3/4]
Find house mouse, kill for fragment [1/4]
Return to Abigail’s Room, give all four fragments to Abigail
* Task Added : Harry is missing his false teeth.

Go to Harry’s Room (15203) for task
Find Paris, say ‘false teeth’
Go to The Staff Room (32001). Say yes to receive a pitcher of ice water.
Go to Glaadys’ Room (3sw, 674), and give pitcher Glaadys
Return to The Staff Room and ‘nod susan’ to receive another pitcher
Take the pitcher to John’s Room (2sw, 15200), and give pitcher John
Return to The Staff Room and ‘nod susan’ to receive the final pitcher
Take the final pitcher to Sarah’s Room (sw, 15202), and give pitcher Susan
She will give you the false teeth
Return to Harry’s Room and give teeth Harry
* Task Added : Phil is missing his magnifying glass.

Go to Phil’s Room (675) for task
Find Paris, say ‘magnifying glass’
Go to The Janitor’s Storage Room (31998), get pail, fill pail
Go to The Conservatory (669, north of Laundry Room), dump water
Return to Phil’s Room, give glass phil
* Task Added : Garrett is missing his golden idol.

Go to Garrett’s Room (15199) for task
Find Paris, say ‘golden idol’
Go to The Public Washroom (15204), look mirror, look cabinet, open cabinet
Return to Garrett’s Room, give idol garrett
* Task Added : Jack is missing his cane.

Go to Jack’s Room (673) for task
Find Paris, say ‘cane’
Go to The Kitchen (672), say ‘cane’
Find and kill ten possessed wheelchairs
Return to The Kitchen, say ‘done’
Return to Jack’s Room, give cane jack

Find Paris, say yes to complete the goal

20 QP and deerstalker cap
| Keywords : deerstalker cap |
| Name : a deerstalker cap |
| Id : 1245445142 |
| Type : Armor Level : 101 |
| Worth : 5,050 Weight : 11 |
| Wearable : head |
| Score : 190 |
| Material : wool |
| Flags : invis, magic, held, V3 |
| Notes : Item has 4 resistance affects. |
| Stat Mods : Strength : +9 Dexterity : +5 |
| Moves : -100 Damage roll : +10 |