Goal for Atlantis – Kalista’s Version

Atlantis Goal Solution:

Go to the cleric. say “yes”.
say “Hunas leat Grije”.
* Goal Added : Calm Neptune’s Wrath.

* Task Added : Neptune’s Wrath

Go to the king’s concubine and say “neptune is angry”.
* Task Added : Convince the king’s concubine.

Go to a silver triton and say “mermaids kiss”.
Go the desecrated corpse and say “mermaids kiss”.
When it is 11pm go to Koldain and say “Hunas leat Grije”.
Go down to the merfolks sparring ground,
find a spear maiden and type “*kiss mermaid”.
Go to the concubine and give her the kiss.
Kill the king and get his sword. Give neptune’s sword to the cleric.

Neptune’s Blessing