Goal for Black Lagoon – Kalista’s Version

Black Lagoon Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Rid the planet of the scourge that threatens the survival of all.

Go to the very end of the area and listen to Blood-Nok. (north, all the way down until you can “enter crack” run 2n4d2n2ened)
Say yes to start the goal
* Task Added : Defeat the scourge infecting the planet!

Go back to the beginning of the area.
Head north and all down and say meteor at the gatekeeper. He will push you into the portal.
Head two north and all down. Unlock the door down and kill Magma. He has the orb.
* Task Added : Free the Creator and restore balance.

Now unlock down and head to the imprisoned creature, give him the orb and he will recall you and hand over the portal.

| Keywords : black lagoon pendant
| Name : A Black Pendant
| Id : 5731567
| Type : Portal Level : 160
| Worth : 1,000 Weight : 5
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, evil, magic, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, auctioned
| Found at : Black Lagoon
| Leads to : Black Lagoon