Goal for Black Rose – Kalista’s Version

Black Rose Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Protect Kyra.
run es
listen kyra
say i’ll protect you
* Task Added : Kill the assassins before they kill Kyra.

kill assassins in room (loot cloak/dagger)
find/kill tailor
find the cat
give wool cat.
get needle
back to tailor (if same location run ne2swn)
give needle tailor
run se2n2w
give bag baker
get anvil
run 3es
give anvil smith
run nw
give leg guard
get key
wear a fancy rose cloak and wield a black rose dagger from the assassins.
run 2s;open s;s
kill mayor
* Task Added : Return the evidence to Kyra.

remove the dagger and cape
clear any assassins in kyra’s room and make sure you are vis
give kyra the insignia
she’ll transfer you to “A Cave Entrance”
* Task Added : Cripple the Black Rose organization.

run 2d and kill: Anailon, Lonilus, Serelya (hidden), Toram, Xeflonar, Felanda, Quazivion (hidden)
go back to center and go down, then all east to kill Revelyin
go back all west, then down and kill Verelyan
recall out and return to Krya to complete goal

10 quest points

Misc Info:
Kill a BLACK ROSE ASSASSIN and get all his gear from the corpse.
Do the whole key puzzle.
Wear the gear you just looted from the assassin, but it could be a good advice to uncurse the dagger first 🙂
Kill the MAYOR, when he dies, you will get a BLACK ROSE INSIGNIA.
Remove the assassin gear, wear your own normal gear, then go back and kill all the remaining assassins in the room. **Note: This is necessary, or else the next step wont work.
When all the assassins are gone, give the BLACK ROSE INSIGNIA to KYRA.
She will be very thankful and transport you to the other part of Black Rose.

Note: All the rooms in the cave part of Black Rose are all flagged norecall, noportal, prison. Only room possible to recall from is the first room you appears in, and the room west of this. Hunt for SENTRY if you want out.

AREA PORTAL (nosave):
Follow the key and area puzzle to get to the cave part of Black Rose.
Kill the sentries and they will give you a key.
Unlock down and go down.
There are several pieces of good eq in here, most at 201.
Hunt and kill Revelyin and he will give you the key to Verelyan.
Put the key in a container or Verelyan will destroy it when you attack him.
Kill the four bodyguards and unlock down.
Verelyan has a portal to the area. It is, unfortunately, nosave.