Goal for Bloodlust Dungeon

Bloodlust Dungeon goal by Greybeard

go to star of Bloodlust Dungeon
say aye

wear cloak (can avoid aggro if you don’t stand around too long, 10 min timer)

Task 1 – Rescue the troop!
Clear the room before you listen to each, can also push into empty room.

Thoem Anvilchest (running dwarf) – 45872
Dhal (dwarf caught in a web)- 45750
Maalin (buried dwarf) – 45801
Murkin (cornered dwarf) – 45804
Fargron (stretched dwarf)- 45943   (mapper may path you through a locked door, pay attention)
Barrggryth (running dwarf) – 45965 (may move around)
Ermet – 45931 (in a hidden area, go to 45921 and ‘pull book’)

Task 2 – Investigate the sealed door
run to 45761
examine entry
examine symbols

Task 3 – Learn to tread the ancient symbols
kill minotaurs
check your progress at 45761 with ‘look symbols’

Task 4 – Place the stones in the door
(probably different for everyone here, it tells you exactly which to place where)
place yellow gemstone top left
place violet gemstone top right
place orange gemstone bottom left
place green gemstone bottom right
(you get ported to a Storage Closet)
kill ultimate weapon

Task 5 – Tell Jaerinda that the weapon has been destroyed
run to 45933
say the weapon has been destroyed

Task 6 – Destroy the altar in the testing grounds
run to 45975
kill the wizards here, loot secret formula
identify formula (you may get different # of items)

Danger! Only use the following formula in case of emergency:

47 hearts of our brethren
31 intestines of our brethren
61 brains of our brethren

Items drop randomly from lots of mobs. I did most of this near the entrance.

Place these in the urns upon the altar, then pray to Kresh’mein.
This will give you ultimate power at the price of destruction of the altar.

I used this to add items to run (wearing the cloak to avoid aggro):

mapper goto 45975;put all.heart in ‘black urn’;put all.intes in ‘silv urn’;put all.brain in ‘gold urn’;inventory;l in urns

kill minotaurs in the zone and get the correct number of organs, I put them in the urns
as I went
pray to Kresh’mein (he appears and aggros you, kill him)

Task 7 – Tell Jaerinda that the altar has been destroyed
run to 45933
say the altar has been destroyed

Task 8 – Destroy the minotaur gods once and for all
locations approx, they may move. You will see this message after killing in the proper order:

Minotaurs roar in approval as a stronger brother becomes heir to the throne!

kill in this order:
krahtal (45857)
hantor (45897)
ulthor (45780)
landel (46040)
ganthor (46002)
yoramor (45874)
domanal (45859)

and the final death message is “As the final brother dies, the legacy of the minotaurs falls with him!”

run west to 45883
get coin

Before starting the last task, make sure you have some triple incomplete heals (i used 15), mana pots, have refresh/rejuv.

run to 46072
put coin pupil, you get ported to Netherworld, seems to be a randomly generated maze.
All rooms seem to be -200,-200, but there is one room that will regen you (either 150,150
or 200,200)

walk around briskly to map out the area and find the regen room (green room emote that says
‘An unsual warmth fills the room and you feel… better.
This may be a good place to rest.’) I used this room as base to strike from.

I don’t know what triggers the gods to show up but I just walked around and eventually they
appeared (red ! in map) one at a time:


For the last god, at some point he ports you to a room, where you can’t do anything as he beats you down. I got below 10% hp when I returned to the Netherworld, quickly heal up and resume killing him.

After you kill Yllianth you are transported just south of Jaerinda at the entrance. Go north and you will complete the goal.

Jaerinda awards you with 692 trains! Congratulations!

at entrance, nod, you will get a talisman (30 min timer) that will make mobs non-aggro



Bloodlust2 Goal. This is a goal that takes 10 days (at least). Each mud day there will be a new daily special for you to complete. Complete 10 days of specials to complete the goal.

Go to room 45857  (Room with Kahn Roth mob).

say “special”

Kahn Roth asks, “We’re out of ingredients for the special for today so we’re sold out for now. That is, unless you want to bring some ingredients. You interested in a job?”

say “yes”

Kahn Roth says, “Excellent. I can offer you a temporary job. You bring me ingredients we need for 10 days worth of specials, and I’ll give you somethin’ nice.”

Kahn Roth says, “Let me know when you’re ready to help, and I’ll let you know what we needs for today’s special.”

Kahn Roth says, “Just a note – you only have until the special expires to complete it, or you’ll have to do the next one. We use a clock that resets at midnight at something called ‘MUD time’ – perhaps you know what that is..”

say “i can help” to activate your first special.

Kahn Roth says, “If you forget what is needed, come back and ask for the ingredients list.”