Goal for Chaprenula’s Laboratory – Kalista’s version

Chaprenula’s Laboratory Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : End the madness in Chaprenula’s Laboratory!
Head to ‘The Overlook’ and kill Pancjo for a gate key.
Head to ‘The Field’ where Rachia is
After her spiele, say ‘i’ll help you’ and type ‘accept’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Pretend to be a trainee and get a lesson in transmutation.

Kill lab assistants until you get ‘an apprentice labcoat’.
If you can, also loot two ‘silver shavings of a stolen idol’ for later (from lab assistant)
Wear the labcoat
Find Manserat in the room ‘The Main Laboratory’
Once he’s done his spiele, say yes to complete this task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Find the ingredients needed for transmutation.

Go to the Aviary and kill ‘a claw-hammer hawk’ until you get ‘an eye from a hawk’
Go to the Paddock/Field and kill ‘a jungle snake’ repeatedly until you get two ‘entrails of a snake’
Go to the Cellar and kill ‘a lizapede’ repeatedly until you get two ‘a dismembered lizard’s tail’
Go to ‘Sleeping Chamber’ where you will find Chaprenula himself.
Give him ‘an eye from a hawk’ to receive ‘salted eye of a hawk’
Give him ‘entrails of a snake’ to receive ‘a vial of gastric juices from a serpent’
Give him ‘a dismembered lizard’s tail’ to receive ‘a pickled tail of a spotted lizard’
Head back to ‘The Main Laboratory’ to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Perform a transmutation correctly.

Stack these:
Give serp cau;Give tail cau;Give silv cau;Give eye cau
* Task Added : Blow up Chaprenula’s Laboratory!

Go back to ‘Sleeping Chamber’ with Chaprenula
Give him the spare tail and entrail to get two of the ingredients again
Go back to the paddock, find Rachia and say ‘yes’ – she’ll give you a vial.
Go back to Monserat and cast the spell again, this time stack the following:
Give serp cauld;Give tail cauld;Give silver cauld;Give cloud cauld

20qp and A jagged scar