Goal for Cloud City of Gnomalin – Kalista’s Version

Cloud City of Gnomalin Goal Solution:

* Goal Added: Search the city for memories lost.

Find the Forgetful One (Standing before an airship)
Listen to One, say “yes” to start the goal
* Task Added: Find something to help the gnome know his past.

Go to Kehpednehy’s Altar (board airship;run wn7e)
Type “touch altar”
Go up, say “the past”
You receive Trinket of the past from Kehpednehy, the Goddess of Air and Sky.
* Task Added: Tell the Forgetful One that you have the trinket.

Go back to the Forgetful One, say “i have the trinket”
* Task Added: Onward, to the bank!

Go to the bank, listen manager
Say “promise to return it”
You receive Token of past from The bank manager.
* Task Added: Next we traipse to the park.

Go to the park and find the archdruid
Say “yes”
The archdruid says, “So you do wish to test your mental capacities.”
The archdruid asks, “What can be seen while dirty, yet is invisible
otherwise? Tears apart buildings, yet can gently caress your skin?
Can freeze your flesh, or cool it comfortably?”
Say “wind”
You receive The final past from the archdruid.
* Task Added: Hie thee unto the Forgetful One.

Go back to the Forgetful One, say “i hold your past in my hands”
‘* Goal Completed: Search the city for memories lost.

10 quest points
You will be transport to The God of Calm (Halls of the Ascended) by saying ‘see the calm’
say ‘deeds’, give 10000 coin calm
You receive Eye of memories from the God of Calm.
Eye of memories: lvl 35, fully enchantable, melt-drop with 4str/2dr
You can request more eyes, too if you wish.