Goal for Coral Kingdom – Kalista’s Version

The Coral Kingdom Goal Solution:
*Goal Added : Restore the true king of the Coral Kingdom

Go to ‘Sharkonian Hermit’ (4579)
Listen hermit
Say yes
*Task Added : Find the loyal subjects.

Find Raztooth (He generally roams around (4595)
Listen razooth
Go to ‘The Champions Suite’ (4608)
Kill the champion
Go 2n ‘The military Council Chamber’ (4607)
Listen commander
Go to ‘The Temple of Mysharak’ (591)
Kill everyone in room EXCEPT Master Cleric
Listen master
*Task Added : Return the Master Cleric’s spellbook.

Go to ‘In a Simple Sharkonian Dwelling’ (4598)
Need to open the desk. (Fishbone Key on a citizen)
Key is on a Sharkatan citizen floating nearby
Open desk
Get all desk
Go to ‘The Temple of Mysharak’ (4591)
Give book master
*Task Added : Storm the castle.

Go to ‘The Throne Room of Sharkatan’ (4609)
Kill lord
*Task Added : Restore the true king

Go to ‘Sharkonian Hermit’ (4579)
Say restored

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