Goal for Council of The Wyrm – Kali’s 1337 version

The Council of the Wyrm

Goal Solutions
This area has two independent goals which can be completed in any order.
This guide assumes decent knowledge of area layout and mob locations.

Goal Added : Defeat the Death Dragon.
Task Added : Destroy the evil of the Council
Task Added : Gather the items of power
Listen to Sagul in the room Above the Portal (28847)
say I am brave and stupid
Kill Shichi (Pierce/Cleave) for Visor of Prophecy
Mordiak(Electric/Fire for Ring of Demon Slaying (random % Drop)
Nithian(Electric/Acid/Ice for Orb of the Four Winds
Azure(Shadow) for Orb of Power
Return to Sagul to complete the task
Task Done : Gather the items of power
Task Added : Defeat the Great Demon
With the items of power in your inventory, kill Abazel until you get Spikes of an Unknown Evil (another random drop).
When you have two spikes, give one to Phandor. It will teleport you to a miniboss fight and kill Aldanon. Aldanon is immune to shock and fire, takes damage from pierce/shadow.
You will need the key from Derrick and Sirkaroth to reach him. Every attempt will destroy 3 of the power items so they will need to be refarmed each time. The Orb of Power from Azure is the only one that doesn’t disappear Abazel is immune to most damage types, though shadow, fire and light work. Blind all the succubus and retreat, then return and fight Abazel. If you need a tank, make sure you initiate combat and have your tank rescue you otherwise Abazel will be immune to everything. Be sure to also land the killing blow as with all major fights if using a tank. You will need two spikes for this goal, so might as well get both of them now. If farming up multiple items before attempting to kill, make sure you put extras in a bag. Mobprog will sometimes consume all items instead of just one of each.’
Task Added : Defeat the death dragon
Task Added : Provide proof of the death of Aldanon to Phandor.
Give the tear to Phandor
Task Added : Show the dragon tear to the Dragontear
Be visible and go 2u
Say I will help you.
Task Added : Slay the Minions
Task Added : Join the Order of the Rose, and return to the Dragontear.
Goto Sir John (28808)
say Join your order.
Task Added : Sir John’s quest
Kill Praolis (Pierce), loot the truth
Give the Truth to Sir John to receive Golden Jewelled Legplates
Goto Roland (28807)
say Join your order.
say Hythe Uni Ikayi Talbi da Hone.
Task Added : Roland’s quest
Kill Ni-Shak (Pierce/Cleave)
Return to Roland and give him the Pendant to receive Golden Jewelled Boots
goto Lady Tamra (28810)
Say Join your order
Say Ageiana de naintana me be Rois, het ne ilyin.
Task Added : Lady Tamra’s Quest
Go kill Tarakis (Fire)
return and give the bracelet to Lady Tamra to receive Golden Jewelled Gauntlets.
go to Sir Gwydain (28809)
Say Join your order.
Say I’ll find your sister.
Task Added : Sir Gwydain’s quest
Kill the Dark Naga, loot the necklace, give it to Sir Gwydain.
Nagas are through a hidden and locked down exit d2e from The Center of the Council. Key obtained from Behirs. Immune to fire, shock, pierce.
Return to Sir Gwydain and give them the necklace to receive receive Golden Jewelled Ring
Be visible and return to Dacalok. (might need wait in the room a moment)
Task Added : Gather the souls and show them to the Dragontear.
Task Added : Search Aldanon’s lair for clues
Check to make sure you have tasks 8, 14, and 15 open.
Task 8 : Slay the Minions
Task 14 : Gather the souls and show them to the Dragontear.
Task 15 : Search Aldanon’s lair for clues
Give the second spike to Phandor and kill Aldanon.
Give memory to Dacalok.
Task Added : Find Sirkaroth’s Soul
Go to Rift of Despair (28827). Type shadow.
Kill the guardian, Type Shadow to get back out and give the item to Dacalok.
Task Added : Kill Sirkaroth
Give the item you got from Dacalok to Sirkaroth, kill him.
Give the item you got from Sirkaroth to Dacalok.
Task Added : Kill Xeriou
Give the item you got from Dacalok to Xeriou, kill him.
Give the item you got from Xeriou to Dacalok.
Task Added : Kill Myrathyl
Task Added : Return Dacalok’s heirloom
Clear out Derrick’s room, Enter mind, kill room, Enter hole.
Go back to Dacalok and prepare yourself for the final battle.
Give the necklace to Dakalok and kill him.
Give the book to Sagul to complete the goal.
You can now use the command ‘home’ from lower Wyrm for a quick transport to Aylor recall.

There are also a couple popular items dropped by Aldanon:

Amulet of Death

Skull of an Unknown Evil

Say I will save you at Azure to start the goal.
Awe Derrick, Say soul catcher
Go to Ni-shak.
Kill fuzzy wittle bunny for ears.
Give ears to Ni-shak.
Say which of you is the most evil? at Praolis.
Say praolis at Sir John.
Go to Tarakis, sit for ring.
Give ring to Roland.
Say lady tamra gave roland a present at Gwydain and wait.
nod Gharlekor
Kill Lady Tamra for fingers.
She is killed off during the previous task so wait for a repop.
Give fingers to Gharlekor.
Go to Derrick, awe, Say Gharlekor for soul catcher.
You can choose any of the four mobs (Gharlekor, Tarakis, Praolis, Ni-Shak) here.
This provides a chance that the mob you pick will not aggro you upon entry into its room.
If you are an idiot and lose your soul catcher for whatever reason, Derrick will give you another one for 100,000 gold.
Give soul catcher to Azure and she’ll return it to you.
Keep soul catcher in inventory and kill mobs to collect 200 souls (10% chance).
Give 200 souls to Azure. (They are a timed item)
Kill Azure.

Grants access to 3rd and 4th circles of Wyrm. follow the path in Azure’s room.