Goal for Crynn’s Church – Kalista’s Version

Crynn’s Church Goal Solution:

Within Area
To get to the bloody masses, kill Angarr for his key.
Alternatively: Another way to get key, go 3ses of area, kill all mobs, randomly get key, unlock container in room and viola, key to masses

To get to the church part of the area, kill insane demons until you loot a demon’s tooth. Give the tooth to soldier in ‘A Muddy Shelter’
You can door paranoid to get here if you are not on a quest/campaign.
nne (up is another bolt room), then n and west is another.. then w) suewuuu (n is enraged demon room, run ese for angel room, then north for another,then en for another, run dw for minion) suudndsnd (seductress)
This will explore nearly 100% of the pk area anyway. I think there may still be another room or two missing though :\. seductress is the mob at the end of the walk. Just in case you get lost.

Goal Solutions
* Goal Added : Question the faith of Crynn.

Head to the room ‘Heaven’s Point’
Listen to the wizard
Say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal and the first task
* Task Added : Gather bewitched claws for the wizard.

Head back to the beginning of the area and to ‘Hall of Demons’ (This is a PK room, beware)
Kill Bewitched Demons until you loot a ‘Bewitched Claws’ (invis item, have detects up)
Return to ‘Heaven’s Point’
Give the claws to the wizard to close the task and open the next
* Task Added : Consult one of the priests within the church.

Head to the main church part and track down High Priest Atani
Listen to the high priest to complete the task and trigger the next one
* Task Added : Get the key to the Bloody Masses and find a way to Crynn.

Head back to the start of the area and head to the first room of ‘The Demon’s Flight’ (PK)
Kill Angarr, the Fallen Angel to loot a bloody key, completes this task and triggers the next
* Task Added : Pass the Bloody Masses and confront Crynn.

The bloody masses rooms is a maze area accessed from the doors in the northeast and northwest of the church
You can essentially skip any maze-solving by hunting ‘diamond’, ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, or ‘gold’ (names of ticket mobs past the maze)
The last room of the maze has a room object with something to do with sticky blood
There are four pairs of guardian mobs, Beast of Gold, Beast of Silver, Beast of Diamond, and Beast of Bronze. Kill all for orb tickets.
After killing a pair, you can go down, then up to return to the last room of the bloody masses maze
Put one set of orb tickets in a bag, and keep the rest in your inventory
Move to the final ‘A Strange Cavern’ where the old man is
Say ‘i have the orbs’ and he will take your inventory ticket orbs and give you Crynn’s Key
Open/go up to enter the Main Altar (4 explorable rooms)
If you want at this point, get the 4 spare orb tickets, ‘read carving’ and do what it says to enter a bunch of pk mobfactory rooms
Failing that, say ‘I am here to question your faith’ to be transported to the final explorable room and a fight with Crynn
Kill Crynn (immune to magic) to complete the task and goal

Can go to the Massive Organ mobs and say “take me to the masses” to enter masses without a key from now on.

Sight of Crynn
| Keywords : dark sight crynn
| Name : ~|~ Sight of Crynn ~|~
| Id : 484131554
| Type : Armor Level : 200
| Worth : 6,700 Weight : 5
| Wearable : eyes
| Score : 350
| Material : energy
| Flags : invis, magic, held, burn-proof, nosteal, V3,
| : saveable
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +20 Strength : +10
| Dexterity : +5 Constitution : +10
| Saves : +10
| Resist Mods: All physical : +11 All magic : +8

Misc Info:
pupping path for bloody masses, from first room: nwsnswsnee, then east to start again, or 2d to leave the zone
alternatively, you can hunt the old man to find the shortest path to the sticky blood room
-The battlefield rooms are recallable
-Mobs in the bloody mass maze are blind/aweable
Many of the other mobs (including all those in the PK mobfactory) are tameable if you are a ranger

Once you get to chaotic skies (PK mobfactory), put a doormob in the first room before going into the rest of the chaotic skies.
Hunting this mob once you’re in chaotic skies will let you proceed through different subareas of the PK mobfactory.
In the PK mobfactory, chaotic skies is followed by shadowy stars. Huntable mobs in there include:
crazed angels, bloodied angels, demon-angels, dark wings, enraged demons, violet light razors, darkness, demon mages, angelic warpriests and phantoms.
As this subarea is deeper in, it usually has better rare xp.
Shadowy stars is followed by deadly gales. Mobs in here include deadly gales and seductresses.
If you forgot to place a doormob at the entrance to the PK mobfactory, hunt seductress until you reach the room Channeling Unlimited Power where you can recall/portal out