Goal for Curse of the Midnight Fens – Kalista’s Version

The Curse of the Midnight Fens

Goal Solutions
* Goal Added : Destroy the curse of the fens.

Find Lost Adventurer
Say I can help
* Task Added : Help the creatures of the fens.

You need to collect one of each token, which randomly load on any mobs death.
* Task Added : Free the hornets from their curse.

Fire Token
Find and Give fire Blue Hornet
Kill Nothing for piece of broken curse
Give curse Hornet (random complete) – T8 Finger EQ
* Task Added : Free the frogs from their curse.

Water Token
Find and Give water Dot Frog
Kill Nothing for curse
Give curse Frog (random complete) – T4 Body EQ
* Task Added : It’s time for a snipe hunt.

Shadow Token
Find and Give shadow Snipe
Hunt down/kill/repeat until dead
* Task Added : Free the blood beetles from their curse.

Earth Token
Find and Give earth Blood Beetle
Kill Nothing for curse
Give curse Beetle (random complete) – T6 Waist EQ
* Task Added : Free the dragonflies from their curse.

Air Token
Find and Give air Dragonfly
Kill Nothing for curse
Give curse Dragonfly (random complete) – T8 Wrist EQ
* Task Added : Return the midget titan’s lost mug.

Metal Token
Find and Give metal Midgit Titan
Keep killing Muck until you get a mug (random)
Give Mug Titan
* Task Added : Clear out the marshgrass and reeds for the brown reeds.

Wood Token
Find the right one and Give wood Reed
Kill 50 Marshgrass and Reeds
Walk into the correct Reed’s room and autocompletes
* Task Added : Find something to swat the birds with for the yellow mold.

Light Token
Find and Give light Yellow Mold
Kill Midgit Titan for club
Give Club Mold
Go back to Lost Adventurer and Say I am done – Goal Complete

It’s just the 4 pieces of tier equipment designed more for v3. Same amount of points, just better concentrated and no HR. The original pieces are still obtainable outside the goal, in the AQ.

a broken curse

The cover of darkness

Stir of shadows

Abysian Maledictions

Area Quest
Kill soulless (small chance at portal) and Black Nothing for broken curse.

Give broken curse to mobs for AQ pieces:
Blue Hornet:
a broken curse (aq)

Abysian Maledictions (aq)

Blood Beetle:
Stir of shadows (aq)

Dot frog:
The cover of darkness (aq)

Misc Info:
Black Nothing can be blinded and awed.
The soulless can be insta killed with disintegrate staves.

Area portal is a very low random drop from the Soulless.

| Keywords : dreary hole despair
| Name : a dreary hole of despair
| Id : 151594677
| Type : Portal Level : 200
| Worth : 100 Weight : 5
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 40
| Material : energy
| Flags : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, nolocate,
| : melt-drop, illuminated, V3
| Found at : The Curse of the Midnight Fens
| Leads to : The Curse of the Midnight Fens
| Stat Mods : Wisdom : +4