Goal for Dark Elf Stronghold – Kalista’s Version

Dark Elf Stronghold Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Eliminate the Dark Elves.

Go north of the entrance, wait for the dying dwarf to vomit a bunch of text, then say ‘Yes.’
* Task Added : Inform Meerek that he’s cut off from reinforcements.

find Meerek. Type “give the full report”
* Task Added : Clear the path for reinforcements to get through.

* Task Added : Kill the Dark Elf Warriors.

Kill 8 Dark Elf Warriors. They’re in the pk part.
Say ‘yes’ to Meerek.
* Task Added : Kill the Dark Elf Guards.

Kill 6 Dark Elf Guards. They’re in the room west of the dying dwarf.
Say ‘no’ to Meerek.
* Task Added : Slay the dragon.

Slay the dragon.
Go kill Smaug, the undead dragon.
* Task Added : Speak to Meerek about Smaug.

At Meerek, say ‘Smaug’
* Task Added : Get the lifestone from the dark elves.

Get the lifestone from the dark elves.
Kill the Trivani Captain, wear his vest and leggings.
Kill Tarrenguil, wear his weapon and bracers.
Through the painting, kill a Trivani guard (20613), wear the earrings.
At the end of the Royal Corridor, go south, east, kill the king, loot the key, use it to open the chest in Storage Cave (20596).
From the chest, obtain the sphere of power and hold it.
Note:You need to be very evil for this next part to work. So get your evil to at least -2000
Go to the Trivani Captain (may need to wait for him to repop). Say “reports.”
Go to the garden, find the cleric. When you enter, if something is wrong, he will conceal something.
If you are correctly prepared, he will greet you. If he greets you, say ‘lifestone.’
Say “Smaug is quite effective.”
Say “The word.”
* Task Added : Break the bond between Smaug and the lifestone.

Return to Meerek, give him the lifestone.
Type ‘place the lifestone inside the sword’ Wear the sword, kill Smaug. Return to Meerek.
Give him the piece.
* Task Added : Find the dwarven king.

Now you’ll need to have an alignment greater than zero. Once you have that, just go to Fahrhad, the dwarven king.

Say “Meerek sent me.”
* Task Added : Find and help Andrew.

Go 2es. Say ‘yes.’ Say ‘Fahrhad’
* Task Added : Kill the Trivani Guards.

Kill the Trivani guards in the vicinity until six have been slain.
Go to Andrew.
Go 2n, say ‘hire a bodyguard.’
Give 50,000 gold to a bodyguard.
Return to Andrew. Open the doors, as the giants do not have passdoor.
Say ‘bodyguard.’
Go get a platinum ring from the invading dwarf sergeants in the beginning of the area.
With the bodyguard in the room with Andrew, give the ring to the bodyguard.
Say “protect andrew.”
Go nwn to the queen. Say ‘Can I help?’
* Task Added : Save the centaur queen.

Kill Mag, who should be in the room. Give the mirror to the queen.
Give her the sphere of power if you still have it. If not, go get another one and give it to her.
Note: This also gives you the area portal.
Return to the Dwarven King.
Type ‘handshake king’
* Task Added : Kill the gardeners.

Kill the gardeners.
Return to the king. Say ‘yes.’
* Task Added : Eliminate the king of the dark elves.

Go es from Fahrhad and open east.
Go east and kill the king of the dark elves.
* Task Added : Return to the dwarven king.

Return to the dwarven king.
* Task Added : Follow the dwarven king’s orders.

Say ‘Curse you and curse the dwarves, your efforts are in vain!’

Meerek’s Divine Sight & a Diamond Belt of Dreams
Enchanted Dreams Area Portal
| Keywords : glowing sphere enchanted dreams
| Name : Enchanted Dreams
| Id : 151961952
| Type : Portal Level : 75
| Worth : 4,000 Weight : 10
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, rot-death, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Dark Elf Stronghold
| Leads to : Dark Elf Stronghold

Misc Info:
Note: The last parts of the goal can be repeated if level 120 or lower.

Kill King of the Dark Elves for diamond and key.
Get sphere of power from 20596 and bring to centaur queen for Enchanted Dreams portal.
Go to Fahrhad and say Curse you and curse the dwarves, your efforts are in vain!
Then give dreams and diamond for a Diamond Belt of Dreams.