Goal for Dhal’Gora Outlands – Kalista’s Version

Dhal’Gora Outlands Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Help the elves find a cure to prevent a plague.

Run s3wsw3s3e2s3es to Ruarail, wait, and say yes.
* Task Added : Return all the items requested to Ruarail.

* Task Added : Collect the body of a leech from the swamp.

Kill a leech in the swamps south of castle.
* Task Added : Collect a death blossom from the forest.

Kill and loot a death blossom in the forest west of castle.
* Task Added : Collect the croak of a frog from the mountains.

Hunt frog and kill for it’s croak.
* Task Added : Collect the legs of a spider from the forest.

Kill spiders in forest for legs.
Run back to Ruarail with the four items and say yes.
* Task Added : Journey to Suldassanar to search for the ancient bowl.

Run n3w2n6wnw, say bowl, then say yes.
* Task Added : Find a suitable gift to trade Rita for the bowl

Run es3e2se2swses2ese, kill vulture(s) for medallion.
Run wn2wnwne2nw2n3wnw, wait for bowl
Run es6e2s3es, wait for completion.

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