Goal for Eternal Autumn – Kalista’s Version

Eternal Autumn Goal Solution:

Quick way between summer and autumn subsections:
Go to the Forest Hearth and climb tree. Once there get bough.
Go to Fetch and wear bough, then say estivus eternus to get to the summer side.
Kill fragile summer mob to return to the autumn side.
Alias to get to second section from beginning of area if you haven’t completed goal: run es2e2sw2se2s;;climb tree;;get bough;;wear bough;;run dw;;enter oak;;d;;open w;;run 4w;;say estivus eternus

Goal Solution:
Listen to the desolate farmer, say map, say I will
* Goal Added : Free the lands from the grasp of the Eternal Autumn.

* Task Added : Kill the fallen lord Fetch.

kill Fetch
He will flee the fight when he’s low on hp. Hunt him down
Kill him repeatedly until he drops a staff of twisted wormwood.
* Task Added : Destroy the remains of Fetch.

Go to the drinking party (13904) and give the staff to the bear, he breaks it and gives you back the pieces.
Go to the charcoal burner and give him the broken staff for some charcoal.
Go to In the Temple (13933) and give the Acolyte the charcoal for A Purified Essence.
Go west and wear essence, say knowledge for portal or power for EQ.

Area Portal: Map of the Woods & The Horseman’s Shroud: Level 200, body piece, DR10, Wis5, Str6, Int7
| Keywords : map woods eternal map_woods_autumn
| Name : Map of the Woods
| Id : 21653910
| Type : Portal Level : 170
| Worth : 700 Weight : 3
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : paper
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Eternal Autumn
| Leads to : Eternal Autumn

Misc Info:
The portal is farmable outside of the goal; just kill Fetch for the staff and redo the above steps.

The staff is a random drop, although the drop chance is indirectly proportional to your level.
Start farming as early as you can comfortably defeat Fetch for best results.
To make the first phase of the fight easier, strangle the wyrm and knight before engaging Fetch; this prevents Fetch from forcing them to engage you when he flees.