Goal for Faerie Tales2 – Kalista’s Version

Faerie Tales II Goal Solution:

Note: You need the following abilities to complete this goal:
Blind – Mage, Cleric, or blinding potion in Cineko ‘An Alechemist’s Shop’ (1535)
Envenom – Thief

Items from each tasks are used differently:
The first time you do the goal, you need to give the item you receive to the weasel.
If you are redoing the tasks, you can start from Little Red Riding Hood, and keep the items rather than giving them to the weasel.
The exception is the final item (the phoenix feather)- this is always given to the weasel.
The goal does not close until you get the SKD portal (1-5% chance each time) from the Lord of the Seelie Court.

Go up from area entrance.
*bow weasel to start goal.

Task 1: Cinderella
Run en (26674), wield a dagger-type item, and kill Ella’s father for amulet
Give amulet to Ella for lyrics.
Go n and say ‘and the sweeping and the dusting’ for ribbon.
Go 2n sit pumpkin, stand, and kill mouse for mouse item. Note if you’re repeating this task, the mouse sometimes won’t drop the item. So wait for re-pop and start from the beginning of this task again.
Sit on the pumpkin to be pushed north and get invitation.
Stand and Blind yourself and AoE the room killing Cinderella. (HINT: either slow, 5 round kill, or need to bring cinderella to below some percentage for her to spawn the items)
Cure blindness, get all corpse, go ws, wear the items from cinderella’s corpse and sit on bench at 11pm for rose.
Go 3s and give rose to prince, you will get stepmother’s head.

Task 2: Beauty And The Beast
Run esw (26685) and keep going in and out of the room until you get the book from the carpenter.
Now go s and Beautiful will take the book and drop the cube of sugar and the book.
Get book and cube and go south. Give book to beauty and get cloak,rose, and bridle.
Wear cloak (anti-good) and go s. Give cube to Greatheart to be pushed s
(Still wearing the cloak), wear rose, remove light keep lantern in inventory
Go ns, you will get the wedding ring.

Task 3: Flower Princess
Run e4s (26693) and kill Gloria for watering can. If she doesn’t drop can (and you still have wedding ring) then do step 3 and try killing her again when she spawns.
Go s and type “fill can brook”.
Go e and “get all brook” to get drink.
Wait till 12 am and quaff drink to be transported. You are now inside of a rabbit that is located 1e of the entrance to FT2.
Ask another player of the opposite sex to kiss the rabbit east of the first room of FT2. When they do so you will get a lily and be transported to first room. Note that if you dont find someone fast enough you will timeout and have to start the entire AQ all over again.
Run e5sen and give lily to faerie for emerald.

Task 4: The Firebird
Run e3s2e2s (26705) and kill all guards but one and give him 10000 gold for a cherry.
Go n and eat the cherry at Ivan to get jester’s cap.
Wear cap, go sen and do the social ‘breakdance’ to get servant’s outfit from cook.
Wear outfit and cap and go es and kill Kaschei to get the sorceror’s ring.
Go nws and give ring to Ivan for a ripe cherry.
Go nesen and drop cherry for firebird’s feather.

Task 5: Swan Princess
Buy a (!(Griffon’s Blood)!) in Aylor potion shop (32476) and return to FT2.
Run e3s2e3n (26700) and give the potion to Brunhilda for swan feather.
Go w and kill Baron for black swan cloak.
Go s and drop feather and tatania will give you a signet ring.
Go nes and give ring to siegfried for mask.
Wear mask and cloak now and run nw2s and
Females: say ‘siegfried and tatania’ to get royal crest.
Males: say ‘siegfried and brunhilde’ to get swan crest.

Task 6: Pea And The Princess
Run e3s3e2n (26714) and sleep bed for a pea. (Own hp must be less than 75%)
Go s and give pea to King for crown.
Go 2n and give crown to Boy for royal favor.

Task 7: Puss And Boots
Must be Evil or Neutral Alignment
Run e3s5e2n (26719) and kill all the couriers to get the letter. Make sure no other mobs present when last courier dies.
Go n and give letter to Puss to get new letter and hat.
Go w and wear hat, now give letter to Eric for silver dagger.
Wear dagger and go s and kill baron for key.
Go s and give key to Eric for princess’ hand.

Task 8: Goldilocks And The Three Bears
Run e3s7es (26726) and kill Papa Bear for the bowl and then eat bowl to get lecture.
(With Papa Bear in room, wait for pop) sit chair for evil eye.
Run sw and sleep bed to get whine.
Now go n and in and out of the room until you get the golden curl from goldilocks.

Task 9: Little Red Riding Hood
Go e3s8e2sene (26762) and kill Riding Hood for her hood. (70% drop)
Wear hood and go wswn to get map and basket from Mother. (south/north till you get it)
Wear hood again, Go se and kill all but one Wolf and give map to Wolf, he will drop boots.
Get boots and wear boots and the hood and go n and say ‘my, what big eyes you have’ to Grandmother for eyes and nose.
Go es and wear eyes and nose, then say ‘my, what big teeth you have’ to the Wolf and kill him for the teeth.

Task 10: Billy Goat Gruff
Wait for area reset before starting.
Go e3s9en (26818) and kill first Billy goat.
Go n and Troll will give meat. (Might have to walk S/N until he gives it to you).
Go n and kill second Billy goat (go back and kill first goat, if repop)
Go n and Troll will give skin. (Might have to walk S/N until he gives it to you).
Go n and kill third Billy goat (go back and kill 1 and 2 if repop)
Go n and Troll will give charm. (may need to go in and out)

Task 11: Jack And The Beanstalk
Run e3s10en2e (26765) and paste in the following: pat cow;s;say yes;run wue;get harp;w
Giant attacks, kill for goose. (Hint: goose will appear silently in the inv)
Go w and give goose to Jack for egg.

Task 12: Sleeping Beauty
Run e3s10e5ne (26772) and kill Faerie for thorn.
Go esw, envenom thorns, and give to Faerie for an evil curse.
Go se, wield curse (remove other weapons), and kill all the thorns and they will give you eyes. (Make sure no other mobs in room, or you won’t get eyes. If this happens, wait for repop and re-kill).
Go sw and give eyes to Prince, pick up balm.
Go enw and then quaff balm for kiss from Beauty.

Task 13: Emperor’s New Clothing
Get some chocolate. I used chocolate from Harriet in Child’s Play.
Run e3s10e7nwne (26814).
Give 50000 gold to Thin Tailor for ‘a suit of nothing’.
Give chocolate to Pudgy Tailor for ‘a cloak of air’. Note: If you are re-doing this task you need to first give chocolate pudgy and THEN give 50k gold to thin tailor.
Go 2e, wear cloak and suit and type “*staunt emperor” and kill for scepter.

Task 14: One-Eyes, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes
Go e3s10e7n5w2s (26787) and say ‘one-eye, are you sleeping?’ to get a basket from One-Eye.
Go s and say ‘three-eye, are you sleeping?’ to get tablecloth from Three-Eye.
Go e and say ‘little goat bleat, give me something good to eat’ kill the Goat for heart.
Go 2n and put heart hole;close hole.
Wait one minute and Prince Charming will give you a golden apple.

Task 15: Tom Thumb
Go to FT1 and kill a silver fish for wish. Go to Aylor Weaponshop and buy a dagger. Go back to ft2.
Run e3s10e7n6w2s (26793) and give an item with keyword wish to Wife for thumb.
Go s and give thumb to Midwife and she will drop certificate, pick it up.
Kill Midwife for thumb back and go w2n and wear certificate.
Now give any item with keyword dagger to Tom for tiny hat.

Task 16: The Three Little Pigs
Get an item named “lute” (musician in eighteenth Dynasty or minstrel from Jenny’s Tavern). Get a sword from the weapons shop in Aylor.
Run e3s8e3n (26751) and give 10000 gold to straw seller and get straw from floor.
Go w and give straw to ‘the first little pig’ to get a map.
Kill the first little pig to get ham hock. (% Drop) 4/4
Go s give lute Wood Seller, he drops sticks, get sticks.
Go s and give sticks to ‘the second little pig’, pick up the map.
Kill second little pig to get pork chop. (% Drop) 4/4
Go w and kill Brick Seller with any type of sword and get bricks.
Go n and give bricks to ‘the third little pig’ for map and to be sent to swan princess.
Run s6e3nw2swn (26756) and kill the third little pig to get ribs. (% Drop) 3/5
Go n and open stew;put ham stew;put chop stew;put ribs stew;close stew.
Wait about one minute to get pork stew from Wolf.

Task 17: Twelve Swans
Run e3s10e7n7w3s (26807) and kill all but one swan, now follow swan (make sure no other mobs present), wait until you get a peacock fan.
Go w and say ‘speak to me’ to kill the princess for tunic.
Go 4n and give tunic to mother for swan wings.

Task 18: Thrush Beard
Run e3s10e7n7wne (26799) and type “*spropose princess” in room ‘At a Ball’ to receive a golden crown.
Make sure you are neutral align. If you are male, wear crown. If you are female, do not wear it.
Go 2e and give 10000 gold Princess for ring.
Wear ring (don’t wear the crown) and kill Horse (in same room % Drop) to get flax.
Go e and give flax to Princess for ruby necklace.
Go 2e and wear crown and ring, then give ruby to Princess for pardon.

Task 19: Peter Rabit
Run e3s10e7n2e (26817) and kill gardener to be transported into a rabbit.
Have autoloot on. Read the sign. Say “look” to see where you are. Navigate the map (say west, say east, say north, say south) until you find the magic bean. Say “pick veggie” and kill the mob that attacks you. Say “pick veggie” again and repeat until you kill the magic bean for its magic bean item.
Say exit to be transported to rabbit’s home.
Give 50000 gold to Mother Rabbit for carrot.
Go 2ses and give carrot to Susie, she will drop heart, pick it up.
Give heart to Peter for a Golden Carrot Award.

Task 20: Little Mermaid
Go to Deneria and kill an orc for an orc head. Go to Labyrinth and kill a night hag for a heartstone.
Go back to FT2, run e3s10e7nese (26847) and type “fstar” to be transported.
Run 3s2e2ne (26864) and give an item with keyword head to Hag for mermaid’s tongue.
Go 3sen and give an item with keyword heart to Foam and kill for merfolk ring.
Go sw3n Give ring to Hag for wishing star.
Go 3se and give star (Careful not to give to an advisor) to Sea King for Royal Bracers.

Task 21: The Little Matchgirl
Run e3s10e7n2ws (26780) and give 10000 gold to mother for pass.
Go 2s and kill all but one pimp and give pass pimp for bridle.
Go w and kill Matchgirl to get matches.
Go 2n. Have +1300 alignment. Make sure only 1 pimp is alive. Make sure matchgirl is dead. Kill all of the evil men (1 south). Have bridle in inventory. Duel wield matches in offhand. Kill phoenix and get feather off ground. (If a feather is not dropped then wait for repop and repeat this step again).
At this point if you are Male(?) and give the feather to the weasel, you will be transported to seelie court!

Task 22: A Misty Path
ATTENTION: **Read task 23 first because as soon as you start the question rounds you must answer quick or you’ll be booted from the court and have to start over.

This task may only be needed if you are female (?).
(must be female) Go e2s and bow Godfather for necklace.
(must be female) Go s2e and bow Fear for bracelet.
(must be female) Go 5e and bow Hind for ring.
(must be female) Go 3e and bow Troll for crown.
(must be female) Go 6w and bow weasel to be transported.

Task 23 Unseelie/Seelie Court
Before you nod banshee, be sure to read all the steps, because you must answer the questions quickly.

Do social *nod at banshee to get a question.


Questions with known answers

Q: What country is Queen Lativia ruler of?

A Tisenbore
Q: What does the sea hag wear around her neck?

A: ears threaded into a necklace
Q: What was the name of the king’s daughter in Puss’N’Boots?

A: priscilla
Q: What is the first thing the miller’s wife wished for?

A: a counter that magically cleans itself
Q: Where was the golden charm made?

A: Kerofk Elf Sweat Shop #215
Q: What did Alice do?

A: tripped in a rabbit hole and broke her foot
Q: What does the Tzar order his guards to do?

A: to tar and feather
Q: What line of work did the giant want to go into?

A: greengrocer’s business
Q: Who are the Kaschei’s cook’s favorite performers?

A: Little Billy and the Bootleg Bowlers
Q: What color dress does the giant’s wife wear?

A: blue
Q: What does the tattoo on the third little pig say?

A: bad to the bone
Q: What animal formed Beauty’s cloak clasp?

A: gryphon
Q: What is your niece’s name?

A: courtney
Q: What song does the harp play?

A: summon the hangman
Q: What would you call a raging forest inferno?

A: campfire gone wrong
Q: What kind of seeds does the golden apple have?

A: emerald
Q: What is the name of the princess in Two-Eye?

A: princess gertrude
Q: Who is the Dowager Duchess of Clairbourne?

A: Janet
Q: Who is Westron?

A: high butler of clairbourne
Q: Who wrote the seven oaths?

A: torrath the brave
Q: What color hair does Tzar Ivan have?

A: bald
Q: What is the name of the mermaid’s prince’s boyfriend?

A: daniel
Q: What do the runes on the first side of the silver sword say?

A: Guido wuz hear
Q: What does jack call his mother?

A: hag or shortsighted, overbearing, overdressed, manipulating witch!
Q: What metal were the rings and bit of Greatheart’s bridle made from?

A: silver
Q: Who does Little Red Riding Hood’s mother remind you of?

A: a particularly dyslexic chicken
Q: How many eyes did Two-Eye’s mother have?

A: five
Q: What is the evil faerie’s occupation?

A: tooth faerie
Q: What color were the emperor’s suede boots?

A: emerald green
Q: What size is the swan’s brain?

A: rivals the size of the pea
Q: What is the name of Sleeping Beauty’s father?

A: king cecil
Q: Who is Toto?

A: your little guinea pig
Q: What the hell is flax?

A: it sounds like something to help when you’re constipated, or a fantastic new weight loss solution
Q: What is the name of the farmer?

A: Cletus
Q: What is the name of Two-Eyes?

A: freak
Q: What did Tom Thumb do when he was five years old?

A: grew like a weed
Q: What did you do to a child in Kerofk when you were 16?

A: hunted him down and chopped off his arm
Q: Who sold the Emperor’s diamond?

A: King Tharibold the IV
Q: What group does Sleeping Beauty join?

A: the League of Women Boaters

Say the correct full answer to the question to get staff and transported to the next room.
Now wear staff and type brandish to receive the next question (The question will be asked and the staff will explode).
Answer the question correctly to get to the final room.
Do NOT say riddle yet! Timers to get kicked from the room don’t start until you ask for the riddle.
Look at both the lord and lady in the room.
If neither is wearing the portal, wait until there is an echo when one of them wears it. (This may take several minutes.)
If the lady is holding the Sea King’s Portal, wait in the room until she gives it to the Lord. (May also take several minutes.)
Once the lord is holding the portal, make sure you are male and say riddle, then answer the question.
If you answer correctly, the Lord will pick a random wear-slot and give you that item, then trans you to the beginning of the area.
If the portal slot is picked but the Lady or neither mob has the portal, you are told it would be your turn to get the portal. Instead, you are kicked out with no reward.

If you receive the SKD (Sea Kings Dominion) portal, then the goal will complete.
Otherwise you’ll receive a random item and be transported to the start and will need to do tasks 9-23 again until you receive the portal.
Random Items that aren’t the portal have Random Stats on them.

The Sea King’s Portal
| Keywords : skdportal Sea Kings portal
| Name : the Sea King’s Portal
| Id : 161740848
| Type : Portal Level : 140
| Worth : 1,000 Weight : 5
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, blessed, held, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Faerie Tales II
| Leads to : Sea King’s Dominion

Misc Info:
There are three Gardener Brain Control Center rooms which all count towards 100% area explored.
Kill the gardener at Garden Gate (26817) to be transed into one of the rooms.
If the first room is occupied, you will be transed into the second, if the first and second are filled, you will be transed into the third. Like the rest of the area, this mobprog is level-locked and you have to wait for an area repop or reset to be able to kill the gardener again.