Goal for Fort Terramire – Kalista’s Version

Fort Terramire Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Enlist and save Fort Terramire from attack!

Head to ‘Recruitment Office’
Say ‘i want to enlist’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Go speak to the stewing rabbit.

Go to ‘The Kitchens’
Task will autocomplete triggering the next
* Task Added : Gather items needed for the stewing cook.

Go to ‘Veggies ‘R Us’
Buy a Crisp stalk of Celery, a Head of lettuce, and a Package of three carrots
Return to ‘The Kitchens’
Give the three items to the Stewing Rabbit to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Pay a visit to Hasenpfeffer.

Go to ‘A Clean Kitchen’
Task will autocomplete, triggering the next
* Task Added : Find the stolen parsley and return it to Hasenpfeffer.

Go to ‘The Slave Pens’ and kill Brutal Guards until you get a skeleton key
Go to ‘An Intersection’ and kill the Security Guard for the shiny key
Go to ‘A Civilion Burrow’
Open the chest and get the bag of fresh parsley from it
Return to ‘A clean kitchen’
Give the parsley to Hasen pfeffer to complete the task and rtigger the next
* Task Added : Speak to Lieutenant Rainbow about a new job.

Go to ‘Military Liaison Office’
Lieutenant Rainbow will give you some spiel, task will autocomplete and trigger the next
* Task Added : Figure out if the rumors of rebels are true.

Go to ‘Veggies ‘R Us’
Say ‘rumors’ to complete the task/complete the next
* Task Added : Find the rebels and bring back proof to Rainbow!

Go to ‘Cavalry Field’
Kill cavalry rabbits until one drops a rebel’s note.
Pick up the rebel’s note
Go to ‘The Armory’
Give the rebel note to Sgt Steel and kill him for ‘proof of Sgt. Steel’s treason’
Return to ‘Military Liaison Office’
Give proof to Lieutenant Rainbow to complete task and goal

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Misc Info:
To get to the second part of the area after you have completed the goal, find Lieutenant Rainbow and say ‘send me.’