Goal for Gilda and the Dragon – Kalista’s Version

Gilda And The Dragon Goal Solution:

Note: You should have Remove Curse for this Goal as every Item you get for this quest is going to be noremove.

ALSO NOTE: you can only complete ONE of these for the Portal OR the Light. Scroll to the bottom for Misc Info if you want the light.

* Goal Added : A divided path between Gilda and Lauren.

Head to ‘Great Hall’ and kill Subduran for the note of entreaty
Head to ‘Dragon’s Lair’ and give the note of entreaty to Gilda
Say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Get Queen’s underwear.

Head to ‘The Royal Bedroom’ and kill King’s Chamberlain to get the queen’s underwear
Return to Gilda and give the underwear to her to complete this task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Get Handcuffs.

Head to ‘Prince Humphrey’s Quarters’ and kill Prince Humphrey to get the black leather handcuffs
Uncurse the handcuffs
Return to Gilda and give the handcuffs to her to complete the task
* Task Added : Get Slave collar.

Head to ‘Magician’s Quarters’ and say “Gilda” to get his slave collar
Return to Gilda and give her the collar to complete the task
* Task Added : Give anthill to Stableboy.

Head to ‘The Midden’ and kill an ant to get the holey key
Unlock holey chest. Get an anthill from the chest
Head to ‘The Stables’ and give the anthill to the Stableboy to complete the task
* Task Added : Have Hawkmistress release the hawks.

Head to ‘The Mews’ and say ‘Leslie’ (works even if the hawks aggie you)
Task will complete and trigger the next
* Task Added : Lure Sir Lauren with Queen’s Underwear.

Head to ‘A Well-Lit Cave’ and find Sir Lauren
Give Queen’s Underwear to Sir Lauren to complete the task
* Task Added : Convince fire demon to enslave Sir Lauren.

Find a fire demon in ‘A Well-Lit Cave’
Give the handcuffs to the fire demon to complete the task
* Task Added : Ask Bishop Liverpool to excommunicate Sir Lauren.

Head to the South-eastern room of ‘A Well-Lit Cave’
Make sure Bishop Liverpool is there, and say “excommunicate sir lauren” and he’ll prompt you for money.
Give 20,000 gold to the Bishop to complete the task/goal

Area Portal: Sir Lauren’s Despair
| Keywords : Sir Lauren’s Despair
| Name : Sir Lauren’s Despair
| Id : 7610409
| Type : Portal Level : 120
| Worth : 100 Weight : 2
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, evil, magic, held, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Gilda And The Dragon
| Leads to : Gilda And The Dragon

Misc Info//Area Quest:
Lauren Guest (Does Not Give Portal)
Kill Subduran for the note of entreaty and give it to King Rupert to start the quest
Go to Lauren and say ‘I will pledge my support for you’
Go to the priest in the PK chapel, remove sanctuary (or disrupt it) and give him 5000 gold
Go to Serina and comfort her. (You might also want to kill her for the handkerchief)
Go to Thomas and give him a handkerchief. (If you give him Serina’s, make sure you solidify it)
Go to Esthar and kill her.
Kill the queen for the bracelet.
Go to Mage Agar and tell him you’ll help.
Kill the dragon.
Give the bracelet to Gilda.

Gilda’s Curse: Level 140 light, DR3/HR7, Luck2, Wis5, Con3, Dex2, Str2, Int1