Goal for Gnoll’s Quarry – Kalista’s Version

Gnoll’s Quarry Goal Solution:

From the entrance, go 2sws and listen to the overseer.
Look square. Say ‘maps’ then say ‘help investigate’. This starts the goal.
* Goal Added : Solve the Mystery of the Quarry
* Task Added : Find the Overseer’s stolen maps.
* Task Added : Identify the source of the disappearances.

Go nes. Listen soldier. Then listen medic. Say medicine. The medic gives you a piece of paper and adds a new task.
* Task Added : Find the ingredients for the medic.

Kill resting dwarven slaves n2e from medic until one drops a sweaty hat.
Kill the withered old gnoll nwn from medic until he drops the hair.
Kill large rats near the entrance until one drops a cloth dripping with rats blood.
In the medic’s room, look potions. (The medic needs to be alive and in the room.) If done right, he gives you a saliva potion.
In the medic’s room, say ‘I have all of them’.
Leave (you get pushed out of the room), make sure you’re vis, and re-enter the room. (If it doesn’t work, you might have to do it several times, double-check that you’re vis, and/or wait a little bit.) After a bit, the soldier should say on entry:
Say ‘maps’.
Then say ‘disappearances’.
* Task Added : Question the dwarves.

Go to the dwarven tinker in the Cavern of Service and say ‘caves.’
A dwarven tinker asks, “I’ll tell you what. You get me the things I need to fix this cart, and I’ll tell you what I can about the caves and what I saw down there. Deal?”
Say ‘deal’.
Go south to the gnoll blacksmith and say ‘axle’.
*Task Added : Salvage metal for the axle.

Kill a blacksmith’s gofer for a key on a long chain. Use this to open the locker east of the tinker. Get grease from locker.
Kill dwarven slaves to get the message that you get a wheel. Do this until you get 3 wheels.
Kill complex looking drilling machines in the Quarry Floor to get the message that you get a cog. Do this until you get 2 cogs.
Work your way down to the quarry floor and you’ll see piles of tools in some of the rooms. In those rooms, type ‘salvage metal’. If you get a metal item from doing that, take it back to the blacksmith and give it to him. I think you have to do this three times. Eventually, one will be good enough that he’ll make it into an axle and give it to you.
Once you have everything, go back to the dwarven tinker and say ‘You can fix the cart’.
* Task Added : Explore the caves.

Go to the gnoll demolition expert in the PK room ‘Blast Shelter’ in the northwest corner of the lowest level of the Quarry Floor. Say ‘caves.’
* Task Added : Inform the Overseer.

Go back up to the Overseer and say ‘the caves have been sealed’.
Go back to the gnoll demolition expert and give him the orders.
* Task Added : Drill the hole.

Kill a giant muscular gnoll for ====[] Mancrushing Sledge []==== and a few dwarves holding a drill bit for a few drill bits. With those items in inventory, go back to the expert (be vis!), enter his room, and a mobprog will trigger.
Go east, wield the crusher, hold a bit, and type ‘drill the hole’.
Go back west to the expert and say ‘I have finished’.
Go back to the room and type ‘carefully pack the explosives’. Then type ‘gently place the blasting caps’.
Go back to the expert. A mobprog triggers.
Type ‘press plunger’.
After the explosion happens, go east and type ‘move rocks’. You’ll be put inside the caves.
Kill the fossil mobs in that part until a giant fossil mob appears. Kill it.
Go back to overseer and give corpse grak.
Go to Aarrssa (usually located 2n of Overseer). A mobprog should activate. (Make sure you’re vis) This should update the task “Find the root cause of the reanimated fossils.”
Go to the room “Downward slope” (in the path between the Overseer and Tinker) and you’ll see a description of a mass of vines. Type ‘climb vines’ and go north to Nutzo’s shack. (The mobs named vines have to be alive. You may also have to kill a gnoll guard.)
In Nutzo’s shack, say ‘fossils’.
* Task Added : Biscuits for Nutzo

Go back to Aarrssa and say ‘biscuits’.
Go back to Nutzo and say ‘you will never get any biscuits’.
Go back to Aarrssa and say ‘are you a shaman?’ After she responds, say “I agree”.
Wait for repop, then go back into Aarrssa’s room. She’ll give you an item that is a bundle of 3 biscuits.
* Task Added : Find Aarrssa’s Spellbook

Go back to Nutzo and give him the biscuits.
* Task Added : Find the daughter.

Go back to the caves (type ‘move rocks’ in the Blocked Cave Entrance) and type ‘check room’ in each room. Do that in the right room and you’ll be put in a hidden room with the daughter.
Listen daughter. After her speech, say yes.
Say ‘Xut eb Owine’. A fossil appears. Kill it. You will receive the spellbook from the fossil. You should also receive maps from the daughter, who will also inform you that you can now type ‘climb out’ to return directly to Aarrssa’s cave.
Return to Aarrssa and say ‘your daughter is sorry’.
Go 2s to the Overseer’s office. Mobprog activates and goal completes.

8 qps
Access to custom exits in the zone ‘enter cave’ 2swn from entrance. and ‘move rocks’/’leave cave’ to mine ore.
The fossils in the caves also drop some ores that blacksmiths may value, and there are two masterpiece items that now drop from mobs and are farmable. Levels on the items vary slightly.

Igneous Arms & Worn Leather Gloves