Goal for Guardian’s Spyre of Knowledge – Kalista’s Version

Guardian’s Spyre of Knowledge Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Challenge the Spyre.

Go to escaping adventurer, west of entrance, say yes
* Task Added : Gather items for the Valkyrie.

Kill polar bear for white bear’s claw
Kill High Priest for priceless rosary
Kill glowing red eyes for heavy purse
Kill mine foreman for sparkling crystal
Kill lonely unicorn for pearl unicorn horn
Kill hairy tarantula for tarantula fangs
Go to beautiful Valkyrie, say transport me
* Task Added : Challenge the Spyre Guardian.

Go north, kill large imposing figure to complete task & get 2 last rooms

a Spyre Sword & a Spyre Axe
(Weapon Type and Stats are based on Primary Class)