Goal for Gypsy Caravan – Kalista’s Version

Gypsy Caravan Goal Solution:

Note: Superhero Level Goal.

Go to Hanging Gardens (16097) type investigate.
* Goal Added : Investigate the Crimes amidst the Gypsy Caravan

* Task Added : Investigate the crime spree * Task Added : Take the missive to the court

Go to Stanska (16080) say a judge is dead.
* Task Added : Find out who is behind the crimes

* Task Added : Find out what’s going on in the markets

Go to Flora (16086) say seen anything strange?
* Task Added : Flora needs more flowers

Go to hanging Gardens (16097) type clip flowers.
Go to Flora (16086) wait for new task.
* Task Added : “Meat” the butcher

Go to Butcher (16083) say flora sent me.
* Task Added : What, behind the goat?

Type Enter the back room and kill goat.
Go north and say the beast is dead.
* Task Added : Visit the Stones and Silver shop

Go to Radu (16082) say adamu sent me.
* Task Added : Delivery for Flora

Go to Flora (16086) type give the jewels to flora.
* Task Added : Find out about the hood

Go to Natayla (16085) say radu sent me.
Type Draw the curtains, wait, say i don’t blame you, wait, say brishan.
* Task Added : In search of Brishan

Go to A Room in the Pub (16088) say crimson hood.
* Task Added : Follow that hood!

Type chase after brishan, kill brishan (who will runa way).
Kill bandits and head north.
After the mobprog is done, type climb out and kill Brishan.
Listen Brishan, wait, say live.
Go to Stanska (16080) say tawno for new task.
Go to Pias (16089) say tawno, say I’m not looking for trouble.
Type twist his arm, type squeeze through, kill Tawno. You’ll need maxstats, trained hp and 2x incomplete potions – I (Vesna) did it at T5R7 with max stats, 24k hp and about 20 2x incomplete healing potions.
Don’t dispel Tawno’s Sanc, mobprog recast it and states it’s stronger than before

Tawno’s Enchanted Fire Ruby: Level 200, neck piece, DR15/HR9, Int7, Wis7, fully enchantable
Access to a SH pup zone (after goal completion): run 5ne;enter the alleys