Goal for Halls of the Damned – Kalista’s Version

Halls of the Damned Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Save Darkon’s village from the horrors below.

Go to darkon say “poster”.
* Task Added : Help Darkon find his lost crucifix.

Kill eight armed skeleton for belt.
Give belt to wounded warrior.
Give cats eye to exorcising priest.
Give holy cross to Darkon to get key.
* Task Added : Put an end to the cultic atrocities below the barrier.

Go to the room ‘A large, lit cavern’ and open down.
Kill the bone golems to progress further.
Attack the high priest and he will doorway away.
Go north and kill the high priest, he throws the heart into a mirror.
Go north kill Alister (you must receive the secret key, it is random).
Go south enter the glass pane portal.
Take the heart and give it to Nerull, he now becomes mortal so you can kill him.
Kill him and take his head from the floor.
* Task Added : Bring evidence of the god Nerull’s demise to Darkon.

Give his head to Darkon.

Entwined Souls of the Forever Damned: Level 91, waist piece, DR9/HR1, Con6, Dex1

Misc Info:
Key to the Temple
To get the key:
Kill eight armed skeleton for a belt of thorns
Give belt to wounded warrior to get Cat’s Eye
Give eye to exorcising priest for a blessed cross
Give cross to Darkon Stills for a star-shaped key
To not have to repeat this process, get the melt-drop flag taken off the cross before you give it to Darkon.
When he drops it and gives you the key, pick the cross up again and store it in your bag. Saves time on getting the key for cps, quests and gqs.