Goal for Hawklords

Goal for The Realm of the Hawklords

Kilhil is located in the Floating Temple and wanders around. The Council Chamber is up from the middle north room in ‘Floating Temple.’ Pretty easy goal overall.

1. Listen to Kilhil
— Kilhil asks, “What did they do with my brother, Lihret?”

2. Say ‘Brother?’
— Kilhil says, “My brother, my poor brother is missing. This council has
done something with him. I just know it.”
Kilhil buries his face in his hands, and you hear the sound of sobbing.

Kilhil exclaims, “I don’t know that I can even go before the Council
without wanting to kill them. Will you go before them and ask them about
my brother? Please say you’ll do it!”

3. Say ‘I’ll do it!’
— You exclaim ‘I’ll do it!’
Kilhil says, “Oh thank you. Please save my brother, Lihret! I’ll be a
wreck until he’s safe.”

** Goal Added : Rescue the Hawklord.
Type ‘goals hawklord’ for full details on this quest.

** Task Added : Find Kilhil’s brother.

4. Attempt to kill Ckolo in the Council Chamber.
— You attempt to bury a Dagger of Aardwolf deep into Ckolo’s back!

Ckolo says, “Ok ok! I’ll talk, just don’t hurt me anymore.”
Ckolo says, “Kilhil is very popular with the people, and soon he’ll try
and take my Council spot. I knew the loss of his brother would affect him
deeply, so I sent him to the mines. I knew it’d ruin him for the Council
** Task Added : Search the mines for Kilhil’s brother.

5. Enter the mines.
— I had to have someone help me with this, but you need to kill a guard once, wear the uniform (and the trident, quite possibly) and kill the guards at the gate slowly. If killed slowly, a mobprog will fire and the guard will hand over the key. Note that it probably will not work if you’re too high a level and kill them too quickly.

6. Kill Speck or Spezzle (you want the chains). After wearing the slave chains, go back to Jilraya and kill her.
— Jilraya the mine overseer exclaims, “Back to work, slave!”
Jilraya cracks his whip at you menacingly.

Jilraya the mine overseer exclaims, “Try and attack me!”
Jilraya beats you with his whip.
Jilraya the mine overseer exclaims, “GUARDS! Throw him in the hole!”
Several guards rush over to you, and beat you unconscious.

The Hole
This room is devoid of light. Based upon following the wall, the room appears
to be a four by four room with no visible exits. A large rusty grate is
bolted shut high above you. A small bowl sits in the corner of the room
filled with dirty water. Along the eastern wall, you can feel words carved
into the wall.

[Exits: other]
(M) Lihret lies unmoving on the floor.
(R) The prisoner sits bemoaning his fate.
You awaken stiff, sore, and a bit disoriented. While trying to
get your bearings, a soft moan comes from a body to your left.

7. Say ‘I am here to save you.’
— You say ‘I am here to save you.’
Lihret struggles to focus his eyes on you.
Lihret asks, “Did Kilhil send you to rescue me?”

8. Say yes.
— You say ‘Yes.’
Lihret says, “Please take me to my brother. I don’t have the energy to
move myself so you’ll need to carry me.”

9. Pick up Lihret and take him back to his brother.
— You give Lihret to Kilhil. Kilhil says, “You found my brother! Oh thank you. Please take this as a sign of my gratitude.” You receive Kilhil’s Blessing from Kilhil. Kilhil says, “Also as a sign of my thanks, I’ll tell you this secret.” Kilhil whispers to you, “If you fly at a slight angle, you can fly right up into the temple. The winds won’t beat you down if you do that.” Kilhil hugs you, and then turns his attention back to his brother. Kilhil exclaims, “Now I must go and find a healer for my brother! And then I’ll make those Council members pay!” Kilhil picks up his brother, and runs off to find a healer. ** Task Done : Search the mines for Kilhil’s brother. ** Goal Completed: Rescue the Hawklord.


+—————————————————————–+ | Keywords : Kilhil blessing | | Name : Kilhil’s Blessing | | Type : Armor Level : 91 | | Worth : 1,400 Weight : 2 | | Wearable : ear | | Flags : invis, magic, nolocate, V3 | | Found at : The Realm of the Hawklords | +—————————————————————–+ | Stat Mods : Damage roll : +10 Dexterity : +6 | +—————————————————————–+ | Resist Mods: All physical : +5 All magic : +4 | +—————————————————————–+

Note: You are also able to fly up to the Floating Temple after going to the “Flying through the Valley Rooms. In addition, you do not have to wear the uniform and trident and the guards will drop the key upon death. “You block the guard’s attempt to throw the key over the cliff. ”