Goal for Helegear Sea – Kalista’s Version

Helegear Sea Goal Solution:

Within Area Notes:
While the Sea rooms are all prison rooms, the Iceberg/Fort/Village rooms are not – you can translocated between them
If there are no pets, the best policy is to use Hallowed Lights dropped on the floor to mark your path, and log the exits to each room and where they go. Drop 1 light in the first room, 2 in the second, 3 in the third. Do this after a repop to give you the most time. There are about 12 maze rooms in total.
There are three graffiti’d rooms in the 4-exit parts of the maze. People sometimes leave pets in these rooms:
Ice Troll Iceeberg (climb iceberg in 30712)
Yeti Iceberg (climb iceberg in 30713),
Underwater section (dive in 30709).
You can always easily find the icebergs by hunting “cold” who will always be one room away from an iceberg.
The direction will be random.
So: Hunt cold, when you get to him, move once in any direction, do an “exits”, if you don’t have a
Climb Iceberg exit, then hunt cold again, and move in a different direction. This will always get you to an iceberg. Now, if you need to get to the other other iceberg, you can translocate from the first iceberg to the second.

* Goal Added : Uncover the mysteries of Helegear Sea.
Find Eternal Cold in the 4-exit maze (Hunt works)
Say ‘i will serve you’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Serve the being Eternal Cold! Kill Yeti’s!

Kill 30 Yetis. Any yeti in this area except the leader counts.
Task autocompletes when the 30th dies
* Task Added : Be a lackey for the Eternal.

Kill 30 Ice Trolls. Any Ice Troll in this area except the leader counts.
Task autocompletes when the 30th dies
* Task Added : Kill the Yeti Shaman

Go find Kralgar, the Yeti Shaman in the room ‘Healer’s Hut’ (Yeti Village)
To get to the Yeti Iceberg you need to hunt a warhorse/devil (if someone has left one) to get to a graffiti’d room where you can use the custom exit ‘climb iceberg’ to get onto the Iceberg.
Note: See the notes section for the best way to find this room if there are no pets marking it.
Say ‘i will doublecross Eternal’ to trigger the next task
Don’t worry that this task doesn’t complete – it autocompletes later in the area quest
* Task Added : Do a task for the Yeti Shaman

Kill 20 Albatrosses and collect their eyes
The albatrosses are scattered across the two icebergs and in the maze. Even so, it might take several repops to collect 20
Return to Kralgar in the room ‘Healer’s Hut’ (Yeti Village) and give them all to him to complete the task and trigger the next one.
* Task Added : Make a deal with Grooshm

Go find Grooshm in the room ‘Armory’ (Ice Troll Fort). See notes if there are no pets to hunt to get to the Ice Troll Iceberg
Say ‘yoggitz’ to get a load of spiele
Now find the graffiti’d room in the 4-exit sea maze that will take you to the underwater part. You enter using the custom exit ‘dive’. See the notes section for the best way to find this room if there are no pets marking it.
Search around in the underwater section (Careful, PK rooms and aggie mobs) until you see a Ship.
Enter ship
Kill Gvozd for an Ice Troll Heart, and an Icy Portal of Gvozd (limited use portal)
Return to Grooshm (custom exit ‘surface’ to get out of the water from the appropriate room)
Give the Ice Troll Heart to Grooshm to complete the task and trigger the last task
* Task Added : Doublecross Eternal with a fake Yeti Shaman heart

Return to the 4-exit sea maze and find Eternal Cold
Say ‘igsofritz’ to complete this task, the missing task from earlier, and the goal.

Go to eternal and say ‘troll’ or ‘yeti’ for a transfer to either part.

*Limited Use* Area Portal: Icy Portal of Gvozd
| Keywords : ice portal helegear gvozd
| Name : Icy Portal of Gvozd
| Id : 155088016
| Type : Portal Level : 130
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 20
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, nolocate, nosteal, V3
| Found at : Helegear Sea
| Leads to : Helegear Sea
| Portal : 34 uses remaining.

Misc Info:
To get to the Crevasse and an alternate Yeti Lair, make a campfire in one of the Yeti iceberg rooms outside of the village
(before the locked door). You will be transed to a noexit PK room; wait a few seconds and you will be dragged to the alternate Yeti Leader room.