Goal for Imagi’s Nation – Kalista’s Version

Imagi’s Nation Goal Solution:

Note: The area is mostly norecall/noportal rooms past Imagi.

Go to Firgovi Imagi and say ready to get transported to the sub-areas.

Note: The first rooms of each subarea are nomap. Add custom exits into and out of each of those rooms (down out of that room to the subarea) to be able to use mapper.

* Goal Added: Conquer all your phobias… by sleeping!

* Task Added: Conquer all your fears in Imagi’s Nation!

Get newspaper from first room of area.
Go to Firgovi Imagi in The Master Bedroom (36808), say the works.
* Task Added: Fetch the daily newspaper for Imagi.

Give newspaper to imagi.
* Task Added: Listen to Imagi’s story.

* Task Added: Get all the juicy details from Firgovi.

Say teach me, say learn more.
* Task Added: Endure all the dream types.

Say ready to get to the sub-areas. The areas are custom exits so “say clowns” works but not “‘clowns”, for example.
Note: You can type the keyword alone to enter the area. “clowns” will work by itself without say.

* Task Added: Clowns everywhere!

* Task Added: Ick! Germs in a hospital.

* Task Added: Tooth drilling extravaganza!

* Task Added: Awww, cute little aquatic beings.

Say clowns; kill 10 clowns in that subarea.
Say dentists, kill 10 dentists in that subarea.
Say ill, kill 10 germs (virus or scientific-named mobs) in that subarea.
Say water, kill 10 mobs in that subarea (found none that didn’t count).
Return to Imagi and say done to complete goal.

Signet of Imagi Magic: Level 151, finger piece, DR12, Int9, Con7