Goal for Jenny’s Tavern – Kalista’s Version

Jenny’s Tavern Goal Solution:

Note: Recommended Level is 91.

Say help at Jenny
* Goal Added : Help cure the sickness at Jenny’s Tavern!
* Task Added : Help Jenny cure the disease
* Task Added : Check with the head cook

Buy 1 for gas mask and wear mask.
Say lets do this to get to the goal-version of Jenny’s Tavern.
Without the mask, you lose 50% of your HP with every step.
Go to Lisa the Head Cook and wait for new task.
* Task Added : Check the cellar for a possible cause

Kill dartplayers for sack.
Open sack and take bent metal (key) to unlock containers in cellar.
Take everything from box and container and give chicken to Lisa.
* Task Added : Ask the Wino how the chicken got contaminated

Run ed at wino and say “how did the chicken get contaminated?
* Task Added : Seek the advice of Yin and Yan

When new task shows up, run u4s2u3wn to Yin and Yang.
Say wino sent me and wait for new task
* Task Added : Ask Yin about the advanced cure disease spell

Say advanced cure disease spell and wait for new task
* Task Added : Find a leather parchment in the tavern

Run s3e2dn2e, open chest, get all chest (use get) for parchment.
Run 2ws2u3wn and give parchment yin.
* Task Added : Take the scroll to Jenny

Run s3e2d2w2nw to Jenny and wait for new task.
* Task Added : Make sure the tavern has been cured

Run back into tavern (non-goal version) and you’ll get a message
Saying that everything is back to normal.
Run to Lisa the Head Cook’s room and wait for goal to complete.

20qp & gleaming gas mask (send stats to Kalista or Contigo to edit this with if don’t mind!)

Misc Info:
Jenny Goal #2
Go to the SW corner of the main area at dartboards in non-infected side and say ‘challenge’ at the dart players.
Type “throw dart” five times.
You win. Woohoo!