Goal for Jungles of Verume – Kalista’s Version

Jungles of Verume Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Find proof of the king to restore hope in Verume.

Head to “The Shrine of Ushak”
Listen to the High Priest and say ‘please’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Rest at the feet of the Lizardman High Priest.

Rest. Yep, that’s all you need to do for this task – triggers the next
* Task Added : Ask The High Priest of Verume about Ushak.

Say “Ushak” to complete the task
Say “yes” to trigger the next task
* Task Added : Bring Back (1) Tabaxi Fur.

Kill tabaxi’s in the lair until you get a Tabaxi fur
Return to “The Shrine of Ushak”
Give the fur to the High Priest to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Kill the Creatures along the shoreline.

Kill mobs on the sea shore until you find a “Message in a Bottle”
This tasks autocompletes and the last one triggers
* Task Added : Return the proof of the King to the High Priest.

Return to the High Priest
Give him the Message in a Bottle to complete the task/goal.

Sharkskin Bracer: Level 41, wrist piece, DR3, Int2, Con2