Goal for Kul Tiras

Goal information for: The Turmoil in Kul Tiras – Completed
Cries from the crumbling remains of Kul Tiras seek a champion. Do you help
the townsfolk reclaim their village, or help the darkness consume it?

The fate of the village has been decided, and the seeds of doubt are being
tilled… slowly. If you received a reward, wear it proudly for proper
recognition within Kul Tiras. Treat it well, though; deeds are strong, but
doubt is stronger, and you won’t get another chance to prove yourself.
Difficulty : Medium
Recommended Level: 25
Maximum Level : 40
1 – Become the champion of Kul Tiras. : Completed
2 – Expunge the impending evil from Kul Tiras. : Completed
3 – Quell the hope of the inhabitants of Kul Tiras. : Completed

1) mapper goto 31167

You say ‘i will help you’

Rami exclaims, “Oh, thank you so much!”

Rami smiles at you.
Rami says, “I hope you can bring some peace to our town, even if only for a little while.”

She produces something from within her clothes.
You receive a locket of love from Rami.
Rami says, “The leader of the gypsy camp that settled near the castle recently gave this to me. It is imbued with a powerful magic from a peaceful time.”
Rami says, “I don’t really know much else about it, other than that it will help the wearer capture evil spirits. If enough evil is captured, it may stop spreading through the town.”

Rami exclaims, “Now, please, go! Fight away this evil!”

** Goal Added : Brave the darkness that is Kul Tiras.
Type ‘goals Kultiras’ for full details on this goal.

** Task Added : Become the champion of Kul Tiras.
** Task Added : Expunge the impending evil from Kul Tiras.

2) wear locket

You remove >.: Creative License :.< from your neck.
You wear a locket of love around your neck.
You feel your protection evil skill increase by 5.
You feel your inertial barrier skill increase by 5.

3) go around killing stuff, vampires, wights, wraiths, wolves, whatnot, until it says
Your locket of love has imprisoned enough evil!

** Task Hint : Your ‘tasks’ list has been updated with a new hint.

4) Go back to 31167, give locket rami
You give a locket of love to Rami.
Rami exclaims, “Amazing! Simply amazing! I feel the purity within!”
Holding the locket overhead, a white light shoots toward the heavens.
Rami exclaims, “Thank you for all you have done for us!”

Rami says, “The darkness will haunt us no longer.”

The stone within the locket shines with a searing-hot radiant light.
The locket’s chain melts from the heat, and coalesces into a ring.
Rami says, “Keep this, and wear it as a ward against evil.”

You receive Ring of Purest Light from Rami.
** Goal Completed: Brave the darkness that is Kul Tiras.
INFO: Light shines upon Sparhawk, a beacon of hope for the people of Kul Tiras.

| Keywords : citizens ring purest light purity |
| Name : Ring of Purest Light |
| Id : 2337147654 |
| Type : Treasure Level : 10 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : finger |
| Score : 0 |
| Material : pearl |
| Flags : glow, held, burn-proof, V3 |
| Owned By : Sparhawk |
| Found at : Kul Tiras |

Also you dont get aggroed when wearing the ring.

Syrus Road

[ Exits: north east south west ]
(R) A wolf bares its teeth at you.
(R) A bat flaps around overhead.
(R) A wolf bares its teeth at you.
Your ring glows with a divine light, keeping a wolf at bay.
Your ring glows with a divine light, keeping a bat at bay.
Your ring glows with a divine light, keeping a wolf at bay.

Try the below plugin to auto-wear the ring when you pop into Kul Tiras and autowear your other ring when you pop out. Simply replace the following lines:

Execute(“wear 2337147654”) with Execute(“wear <id of your reward ring>”)
Execute(“wearring”) with Execute(” wear <id of your original ring>”)

*****Might be buggy, but works for me*************
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”iso-8859-1″?>
<!DOCTYPE muclient>
<!– Saved on Saturday, July 05, 2008, 4:46 PM –>
<!– MuClient version 4.31 –>

purpose=”Execute something in area”
date_written=”2011-05-12 16:46:02″
<description trim=”n”>

require “gmcphelper”

local plugin_id_gmcp_handler = “3e7dedbe37e44942dd46d264”
function gmcp(s)
local ret, datastring = CallPlugin(plugin_id_gmcp_handler, “gmcpdata_as_string”, s)
pcall(loadstring(“data = “..datastring))
return data

function OnPluginBroadcast(msg, id, name, text)
if (id == plugin_id_gmcp_handler) then
if (text == “room.info”) then — current/previous room info
current_zone = gmcp(“room.info.zone”)
if (previous_zone == “”) then
previous_zone = current_zone
elseif (previous_zone ~= current_zone) then
if (previous_zone == “kultiras”) then
if (current_zone == “kultiras”) then
Execute(“wear 2337147654”)
previous_zone = current_zone