Goal for Land of Legend – Kalista’s Version

Land of Legend Goal Solution:

Note: Make sure you have at least one ticket in your inventory to be able to “board” at the conductor.

* Goal Added : Return four apples to Johnny Appleseed.

Go East and buy one of each of the tickets.
Go to the Maine section
Go to the room ‘Round River’ where you should find Paul Bunyon
Wait there until he transports you to a room called ‘Round Lake’
Get the mcintosh apple from the apple tree.
Go to the Mississipi section.
Head to the room ‘An alley’
Get macoun apple from the sapling
Go to the Texas section
Go to the room ‘An Oasis’
Get the granny smith apple from the apple tree
Go to the West Virginia section
Go to the room ‘A small clearing’
Get the red delicious apple from the apple tree
Head back to the train and go all East till you get to Casey Jones.
Wait in the room till he transports you to ‘Amid the devastation of a train wreck’
Go south to the ‘Apple Orchard’ where you will find Johnny Appleseed.
Say ‘i have found all your apples.’ to be transported to Mota and complete the task.

5000 Gold and Area Portal.
| Keywords : portal apple press
| Name : an apple press
| Id : 5731594
| Type : Portal Level : 10
| Worth : 5 Weight : 3
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : wood
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, nolocate, melt-drop,
| : V3
| Found at : Land of Legend
| Leads to : Land of Legend