Goal for Masquerade Island – Kalista’s Version

Masquerade Island Goal Solution:

Note: This goal is level-locked at lvl 120.

NOTE: If you are a female, you will need to sex change to male (there are two parts you must be male; they are noted).
You can use rutabagas from Solan to change.
Be visible at all times.

Within Area
To get into the mansion/ball: Kill a couple for a mask and an invite. Wear the mask and give invite to the guards at the entrance. If it’s midnight – 6am you’ll be transported to the masquerade ball. Any other time, you’ll be transported to the mansion.

* Goal Added : Help Nassah find the culprit(s) behind the lootings.

Go to ‘Rusty’s Bar’ (29854).
Buy a vodka and two glasses of whisky.
give drinks to the drinking servant.
He should say something each drink. On the last drink, he should drop and pick up an investigation letter.
Kill the servant to loot the investigation letter.
Go to ‘Royalty Row’ (29883). Kill a couple on the way to the Ball for a pair of matching masks and an invitation.
Go to ‘The Mansion On The Hill’ (29891).
Check ‘time’. When it is between the hours of 12 am and 6 pm, wear the mask, and give the invitation to the guard.
Once in the mansion, go north, climb stairs, run n3e to ‘Before the Bedroom of Lord Nassah’ (29912).
Give the letter to Lord Nassah to receive a sequined mask and to trigger the task.
* Task Added : Investigate the lootings.

Find and kill Desiree to loot a bar of gold.
Head to ‘Trade Boulevard’ (29855), one east from the weapon shop and get ruby hole.
Run nw to ‘John’s Jewelry Store’ (29858).
Give the bar of gold to john, then give the ruby to him.
Wait until he whispers to you about a ruby necklace, then give him 5000 gold for ruby necklace.
Find Akiya and give her necklace to be transported to the beach.
Get dagger from the mound.
Return to the mansion, wear the matching masks, and gain admittance using the invitation.
Find and kill servants until you loot a silver key.
Go to ‘The Green Guest Room’ (29909) where Suzanna is
If Garret is here, let him and Suzannah argue. If Garret isn’t here, go kill him in ‘The Kitchen’ (29848) for a leather cap.
Once Garret storms off (or if he’s already gone), be male, and say ‘I will take you to the ball’. Suzanna will leave.
Unlock chest, open chest, get chainmail chest
If you haven’t already killed Garret for his cap, wait for him to return, or go find/kill him in The Kitchen.
Go back out into the town and find and kill Julie and loot the bottle of perfume. (It’s a random pop chance)
Find and kill Marcus for paper.
Go to ‘Magic Shop’ (29870). Give the bottle to Leandra to receive a potion, and give her the paper to receive a scroll.
Go back to mansion (4am-6pm) and go south to ‘Coat Closet’ (29888).
Type ‘push shelf’ to get to the ‘Wooden Passageway’ (PK).
Go to ‘The Gazebo’ (29906) and type ‘move rug’ to be teleported to ‘Secret Chamber’.
Get statue and type ‘push brick’ to get teleported to the beach.
Go back to the town. Find and kill Iryl for bag and get strawberries bag.
Go to ‘The Pier’ (29823) where you’ll find the fishing dwarf.
Sit there and wait until he says he caught a fish. Give him 10000 gold and he’ll give you a stringer of fish.
Go back to the mansion to ‘A Very Large Kitchen’ (29847) where you’ll find three cooks of different races.
Give fish elven (careful they all look the same) to receive the melon.
Go to ‘Shop of Many Clothes’ (29881) and say ‘deliver’ to trigger a subtask and be given a gown.
* Task Added : Deliver the dress to Elindreal in the mansion.

Go back to the mansion to ‘Lavish Quarters’ (29892).
Give gown Elindrael to receive two apples and complete the subtask.
* Task Added : Investigate the lootings (Continued)

Go back to Lord Nassah.
Wear the sequined mask and say ‘I solved the case’.
item list for this part, could use verifying.
(K) (Invis) (Magic) a sequined mask (100)
(Magic) (Glow) fine chainmail (129)
(Magic) succulent strawberries (121)
(Magic) a medium sized honeydew melon (125)
(Magic) a leather cap (102)
(Magic) an ivory statuette (113)
(Magic) (Glow) (Hum) a sweet smelling potion (127)
(Magic) (Glow) (Hum) a scroll (126)
(Magic) a dagger with a jeweled hilt (107)
(Magic) two green sour apples (122)
(Magic) a piece of paper (130)

He’ll string off a series of questions – you can copy/paste from here to save time if you wish
say weapon
say yes
give dagger nassah
say no
say travys
say equipment
say yes
give cap nassah
say yes
give chain nassah
say no
say garret
say magic
say yes
give scroll nassah
say yes
give potion nassah
say no
say marcus
say antiques
say no
give statue nassah
say margaret
say fruit
say yes
give strawb nassah
say yes
give melon nassah
say yes
give apple nassah
say no
say iryl

If you’ve done it right, a scene will unfold, and the task will complete and you’ll receive a glittery mask

Note: Do not move before the goal updates!!

* Task Added : Find out who is writing the blackmail letters.

Head to the Masquerade ball while wearing the glittering mask.
Note: make sure that glittering mask is on before you move!

Head to the middle room of the Dancing On Air (29835) section and type ‘squat down’ to be transported to ‘Mansion Basement’.
In this room, attack Jason but do not kill him. Below 50% health, he has a chance to teleport you and give you a locket.
Eventually you will be transported to ‘Recreational Room’.
Go south and Celie will attack you. Before she dies, give her the locket.
Kill her to loot a small key and to complete the task, triggering the next.
Note: mob must not be blind on death or task will not close and goal will not complete, and goal will not close later, you’ll just get another flaming portal.
* Task Added : Return the proof to Nassah.

Unlock/open the desk and get the letter from it.
Return through the area to the castle and find Lord Nassah outside his bedroom.
Give the letter to Lord Nassah to complete the goal.

You can now type either ‘ball’ or ‘mansion’ for instant access to either section.
A Masquerade Mask & Area Portal
| Keywords : masquerade mask |
| Name : A Masquerade Mask |
| Type : Treasure Level : 130 |
| Worth : 500 Weight : 6 |
| Wearable : eyes |
| Flags : invis, magic, burn-proof, nolocate, V3 |
| Stat Mods : Luck : +5 Damage roll : +10 |
| Strength : +4 Intelligence : +4 |
| Wisdom : +4 |

Area Portal:
| Keywords : masquerade mask
| Name : A Masquerade Mask
| Id : 66946798
| Type : Portal Level : 100
| Worth : 600 Weight : 10
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof, nolocate, V3
| Found at : Masquerade Island
| Leads to : Masquerade Island

Misc Info: // Custom Exits:
Outside mansion
Sharks (4 rooms): Disrupt fly, then go west from Writings on the Beach (29838). Head all n and ‘climb through opening’ to get back.
Brothel (3 rooms): Go to Shiela and, as male, say ‘can i see t he live entertainment?’
Inside mansion
Mansion Upstairs (12 rooms): From Spiraling Staircase (29865), ‘climb staircase’
Under the Table: From Kitchen Sinks (29849), ‘crawl under table’. Recall to leave.
Rose garden (7 rooms): From Coat Closet (29888), push shelf
Secret Chamber: From Gazebo (29906), ‘move rug’. Use ‘push brick’ to get back to A Grove of Pale Trees.

Explore Info:
In the room Good Vibrations, be male and say ‘can i see the live entertainment?’ (must be a male)
In the room Southwestern Hallway type ‘move cloak’.
In the room Kitchen Sinks type ‘crawl under table’.