Goal for Mount duNoir – Kalista’s Version

Mount duNoir Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Battle the evil caged in the bowels of duNoir.

Go to ‘On a Wooden Ladder’ (14225) to find Nesfan
Say yes
* Task Added: Stop Bhazhat from escaping his ancient prison! * Task Added : Eliminate the corrupters of natural order. * Task Added : Destroy the vile magicians at their research.

Run 2d and look for twisted necromancers and insane mages on that level and the level just below it.
Kill 15 twisted necromancers.
Kill 15 insane mages.
Return to Nesfan in ‘On a Wooden Ladder’ (14225).
* Task Added : Soothe the anthbeast abominations.

Run 2dse2swnwd3e2sed2n;open n;n;enter pool. You will probably have to kill the boneless golem to enter the pool to enter ‘A lush Green oasis’ (14301).
Wait for the Plant man to ask why you’ve come
Say anthbeast
Get the following items:
Mistletoe from Yggdrasil on Hod
Cauldron from Tir na Nog on Daghda
Branch from Were Wood on the ground in room ‘Entering the Were Wood’
Acorn from Tree of Life on Busy Squirrel
Mint from Eternal Autumn on the ground in room “In the new forest”
Frankincense from Mount duNoir inside a tree in room “Path towards doom”.
Once you have all the items, return to the Plant man in ‘A lush Green oasis’ (14301).
Return to Nesfan in ‘On a Wooden Ladder’ (14225).
* Task Added : Venture into the deep and forge the singing blade.

Find the blacksmith in ‘Armory of Dn’Orek’ (14247).
Say ‘singing blade’.
After he is done talking, pick up the hammer. [You will need to be evil or neutral align to wield it.]
Type ‘pilfer supplies’, then go east.
Type the following: wield hammer; dual tongs; pump bellows; put ore anvil; hammer ore. Once the hammering is finished, type ‘dip blade water’.
You should get the singing blade. If not, head west, pilfer supplies, head east, and repeat the steps above.
Once you have the blade, head west back into the blacksmith’s room.
Return the longsword to Nesfan in ‘On a Wooden Ladder’ (14225).
* Task Added : Lead Cheoj’s companions from their cells.

Run 2dse2swnwd3e2swd2n. Find and kill a vicious guard dog for a blood-spattered key.
Go to the western side to ‘Before a Stairway’ (14263) and head down into the dungeons.
Unlock the cells and find the three companions and *beckon them: beckon Maurm, beckon Yublem, beckon Nurh.
* Task Added : Find assistance for dispatching Cheoj’s guards.

Head to the eastern room of the dungeon (14273).
Attack the guards again until the companions kill them and you are teleported to the room to the east.
* Task Added : Rescue the prophesied one.

Kill the torturer then *beckon cheoj.
Return to Nesfan in ‘On a Wooden Ladder’ (14225) and let the dialogue play out.
* Task Added : Enter Bhazhat’s cell, and make it out alive.

Run 2dse2swnwd3e2sed2n;open n;enter pool. You will probably have to kill the boneless golem to enter the pool to enter ‘A lush Green oasis’ (14301).
Say ‘Bhazhat must be defeated’ to be teleported to ‘A small alcove’.
Head north into ‘Flying Over Lava’ and go east until you reach ‘Burning Tunnel’.
Kill Limethe for an onyx key.
Unlock the door south and enter.
Kill Bhazhat. After he is dead, then ‘when’ to be teleported to the start of the area and complete the goal.


Misc Info:
Area Portal: Horn of the ANCESTORS