Goal for Nanjiki Ruins – Kalista’s Version

Nanjiki Ruins Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Uncover the ruin’s secrets

Listen to the monkey in the first room
Say banana
* Task Added : Quest to find… a banana!

say guardian
* Task Added : Locate the magic stones

Go sdsw get all chest, es get all chest, ne get all chest, wu get all chest
Take the stones back to the monkey in the first room, give them to him.
He’ll hand you a key to the moon.
* Task Added : Defeat the Guardians!

Kill the mobs below in the order they appear.
Run sdsunu3n to ‘A Building of the Dead’ (11251)
Use A Multicolored Stone to op door up to The Mausoleum Rooftop and kill moon for A Moon Rock
Go d; enter statue; run u2w; open west; run 2wdwu; open w; wn to ‘Behind A Waterfall’ (11240).
Use A Moon Rock to open door west to A ‘Hidden Water Cavern’ and kill whale for A Whale tooth
Run en; enter statue; run ueu; open n; run neueueu to ‘The Top of the Tower’ (11231)
Use A Whale tooth to open door up to ‘Inside a Cloud Palace’ and kill huge griffon for A Griffin’s Beak
Run de; enter statue; run u2s; open d; run 2dedw2d to ‘In Front of a Magma Pool’ (11222)
Use A Griffin’s Beak to open door down to ‘A Burning Room ‘ and kill turtle for a shrunken-head key and A spiked turtle shell
Run uw; enter statue.
Use the shrunken-head key to open down door to Nanjiki Shaman, kill Nanjiki Shaman
Make sure area didn’t reset
Open s;south. You’ll be teleported back to the first room and handed a magic banana owned portal.
Give the portal to the hungry little monkey to complete the goal.

In Mysterious Rock Formations (11204), 1s of area entrance, and any other room with a monkey statue, you can type grave, water, air, or fire to go to that sub-area.
A Ruined Cloak
| Keywords : ruined cloak nanjiki 151back |
| Name : A Ruined Cloak |
| Id : 395180186 |
| Type : Armor Level : 151 |
| Worth : 10,000 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : back |
| Score : 340 |
| Material : cashmere |
| Flags : unique, invis, magic, blessed, burn-proof, |
| : nolocate, V3, saveable |
| Found at : Nanjiki Ruins |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +14 Intelligence : +14 |
| Wisdom : +6 |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +8 All magic : +6 |

Misc Info:
After finishing the goal, you can repeat the steps to get another owned portal.