Goal for Nebulous Horizon – Kalista’s Version

Nebulous Horizon Goal Solution:

Note: You may want some Triv Incomplete’s/double incompletes brewed for this goal.

* Goal Added : Pierce the illusive magic corrupting the horizon.

Run ws to Orfall and say “I’ll help”.
* Task Added : Convince Kathel that hope is not lost.

Run n2es to Kathel and say “Orfall”.
* Task Added : Find Kathel’s lost coin.

Kill stuff in the large area nw2n from Kathel until you receive a coin.
* Task Added : Return Kathel’s single gold coin.

Go back to Kathel and give 1 gold kathel.
* Task Added : Help Orfall find the path to Sidur’s cube.

Run n2ws batk to Orfall and say “kathel”.
Run all north, all west, then all south until you see the echo saying you’ve found the cube.
Recall out and return to Orfall.
* Task Added : It’s slaughter time! (green)
* Task Added : It’s slaughter time! (blue)
* Task Added : It’s slaughter time! (red)

Now go back to the cube and kill 30 things on each level (elves, tritons, and dwarves).
When you are finished, go to Vrek (center of last cube level) and say sidur.
* Task Added : Consult with Vrek about seeing Sidur.

NOTE: There are two pranks you can play; one from Kathel and one from Orfall. Choose one. (You need to say Vrek before You can activate the prank task at the chosen mob)

Say lemonade at orfall.
Take the lemon and strawberry in the se corner of the first cube level.
Run nune from there and mix lemonade.
Run 4n3w from area entrance to well and spike lemonade.
Run 4ne and give lemonade confidant to open new task.
* Task Added : Pull a prank for Vrek.

Say tripwire at Kathel.
Run nw2nen and get a fresh green carrot. (3min rot timer on carrot)
Find an orange rabbit and give it the carrot to receive a rotten green carrot.
Go 2n of the cube entrance where the wire is (directly past the guards), drop carrot, set a trap
* Task Added : Erase Sidur from this realm.

Go back to Vrek and say “Sidur” to fight Sidur.
Sidur is easy until he gets to around 30-35%. Then he starts to spam a nice dispel, blind, and heals himself for almost as much damage as you’ll deal. You’ll want some decent heals for this fight.

New cexit to skip the Home Stretch/Guardian of the cube mobs. Use burrow west from Standing Before a Towering Pylon (31920).
Ability to place trap in cexit landing room (Ambushed! (31913)) for 25,000 gold. Causes random effects to next person that uses burrow west cexit.
Synthetic Power