Goal for Nenukon and the Far Country – Kalista’s Version

Nenukon and the Far Country Goal Solution:
(Formerly ‘Rokugan, The Shadowlands’ Goal)

* Goal Added : Gain acceptance into a tribe of the Far Country.

Find the Hooded Exile near the entrance to the area.
Listen, say ‘yes’, and type ‘accept’ to trigger the goal.
* Task: Challenge the Masters of Battle

Kill the following masters:
Eagle Mistress of Battle
Bear Master of Battle
Elk Battle Mistress
Fox Master of Battle
Cougar Master of Battle
Lynx Master of Battle
Rattlesnake Master of Battle (Sashi Amanis)
Once all are killed, return to the Hooded Exile and say ‘another challenge’ to trigger the next task
* Task Added: Hunt down and kill at least five greater demons

Find five greater demons and kill them (task does not keep count).
Return to the Hooded Exile for autocomplete and next task.
* Task Added: Find Monuhi and vanquish him

Find Monuhi and loot his heart (turn on autoloot).
Hunt and kill Eagle Champion to be transported to ‘Inside the Tomb of Monuhi’
Kill Monuhi with autoloot on to receive his heart
Return to the Hooded Exile and give him the heart to complete and open the next task.
* Task Added: Understand how to be a warrior-poet

Learn from the Four Nagas. (This task must be completed all at once. I started earlier and quit before completing and had to start over from the beginning of this task)
Hunt the Naga Warlord and say ‘warrior-poet’
Hunt the Naga Champion and say ‘eternity’
Hunt the Naga Paladin and say ‘honor’
Hunt for Bastion and say ‘honor’, say ‘beauty’ say ‘eternity’. He will reply after each word.
Note: if Bastion is in the room with the Hooded Exile he will not respond to you.
Task will auto-complete and open next task
* Task Added: Restore your honor in the Far Country

Return to the Hooded Exile and bow.
* Task Added: Join a tribe of the Far Country

Auto-completes after bowing to Hooded Exile.
Tribe selection seems random or based on pclass: Elk, Rattlesnake, Lynx, Eagle, Bear etc..

Say the name of your tribe to the Hooded Exile to be transported to their campsite. You can recall from this room.
Tip: hooded Exile tells you which tribe you are a part of as you enter his room, in say.
You get transported to a few different random places around the area: Pits/Maze/Champion camp