Goal for Oradrin’s Chosen – Epic – Converted/Approved

Goal for Oradrin’s Chosen

This is Aardwolf’s first Epic Area, it was created by Vilgan and first
completed in 2005. This guide is a newly updated version of one I wrote
before. I will detail what OC is about, the actual solution, how to
finish the goal, and how one goes about organizing.

OC Solution:

1. OC begins with a larger group where four gatekeepers have to die within
the same 30 seconds. The way this is done is the group will be giving orders
by an organizer, four tanks will be assigned to each of the four gatekeepers.
Sherizai is the first gatekeeper, located west and down from center. Sher is
the weakest as far as attack power. The entire group will work on lowering
Sherizai to 5% all the while aiming off on the Water Elementals. If someone
dispels Sherizai then someone has to resanc them at about 10%. Once the mob is
at 10% the tank assigned to Sherizai will rescue main tank and ALL will recall
BUT the healer assigned to heal the Sherizai tank.

2. Second Gatekeeper is Joshua, he has strong attacks and a mprog that will send
you to the east or west room and web you, its quite annoying. Here the whole group
will work on taking down his HP to 5% making sure not to dispel at all, because
this room is noquaff there will be 3 healers here with high mana. Once he is at
5% the tank assigned to Joshua will rescue the main tank and ALL will recall BUT
the healers assigned to heal the Joshua tank. Healers and the tank for this room
should have the noweb wish and the noteleport wish.

3. Third Gatekeeper is Lai, now Lai is easily the one part that screws up even the most
seasoned vets of OC. Lai has low HP, very low, so this is the best way to handle
Lai. The main tank is the only one who will attack Lai, all else will remove weapons.
Now dont recall early cause Lai has a mprog that damages the whole room and its a
solid number of damage divided upon how many are in room, so if only 1 person is
there then guess what? 50k dam in one mprog hurts people. Anyhow, noone else attacks,
and once Lai is down the main tank normally keeps Lai, 2-3 healers will be assigned to the
Lai tank and all others will recall.

4. Fourth Gatekeeper is the easy part, cause if you are in this room then your job is simple
its only the other people who can mess up now. Just keep one acolyte alive so it doesn’t
respawn two more and kill Arizan, once Arizan is at 5% the organizer will call out Kill
Kill Kill. At this time the tanks assigned to the other mobs will rewear weapons and kill
the other 3 mobs. Once the last one dies the person who dealt the lethal blow will
get an Emerald of Passage and the gates will fall, congratz that is probably the longest
part of OC.

5. The Maze

The organizer then will instruct everyone on what to do and you will proceed to the next
part of OC, which I like to refer to as The Maze. Within this maze the main tank will be
going first to tank the mobs in each of the correct rooms in the maze. The rest will hit
and pheal, the organizer will have assigned someone as direction finder who will be finding
the correct path via moving and word of recalling(hopefully) before death and letting us
know which way has the grafitti marks(G). During the fighting some higher tiers will rescue
the main tank some so they don’t have to tank all the mobs at once. Once at the last room
of the maze with mobs cleared you will notice there is four guardians. Do not area attack in
this room, as it would engage the four guardians. A tank will be assigned to each of these
and they will be killed at same time, all others will attack 1.guardian until all are dead.
The last one killed will give a Sapphire Of Passage to the person who deals the killing
blow. The person who gets it should give to the organizer and then when everyone has their
emerald signets on, it will be given to the keeper, then all will bow arbitor. (This
maze has a bunch of dead ends to rooms loaded with mobs, so exploring is pretty much
running to each and dying as the party clears the path. One fake room looks like the
other maze path rooms but without grafitti, it also has another room off it, so you have to
retreat to the right ones. Prior to entering The Trinity, the group will follow the main
tank for Asvarian. That person will be the one holding the first room of the Trinity while
the rest of the party does what is described below.

6. The Trinity

The next section I like to refer to as The Trinity. Here three badass mobs live, swimming
around and wreaking havoc and overall bad stuff. Here the main tank will hold the first
room while the other tanks from the gatekeepers and their healers will go north. The object
here is to divide up The Trinity of D’vinara, Arkeld, and Zavin. Two in one room is brutal.
All three is murderous. If all three ever end up in same room recall right away. Now if you
do get them divided the main party should be party healing while the tank works on one. The
others who went north if one of them gets one, be mindful that they may need some incomplete
healing from the healers before. Other powerful t9s can also assist in hitting these mobs,
once all three are dead the person dealing the fatal blow will get a Ruby Of Passage. Give
this to the organizer. Now the group will move about killing off the Princesses and Lords.
Once this is all clear the group will move to the keeper. Once everyone is visible and wearing
the blue signets the organizer will give the ruber to the keeper and everyone will bow arbitor
and get the red signet.

7. Break time!!!!!

Everyone should take this time to get the path through the maze ready, its always gonna be like
this if ya sub “PATH” with the maze directions:

Run dsdn;nod guardian;run “PATH”;nod keeper;run ned;nod keeper

That will get you back to the throne room area. Now while you were gone you should have bought
some Wines from Dominion and brought them back and dropped them in the room. Also if you
plan to hit Asverian or the waves of mobs get back neutral. Anyhow Break is over.

8. Asverian….nuff said.

This part is the climax of the story. You all made it to the end and now its time for the
tanks to show ya while they spent all that time getting 50k plus pups. Jobs will be assigned
here, there are up healers, there are down healers, there are hitters, there is a tank and a
secondary tank. Up healers will web in or sit when main tank goes down and do nothing but cast
incomplete heal on anyone who says “heal”. Down healers usually have over 35k hp and are
responsible for going down and healing the tanks and anyone else in there who needs a fast
incomp heal. When they themselves need healing they flee and say “heal”. Hitters are usually
high tiers over 40k hp and they will be helping to lower Asverian and aiming off as waves come
to kill off the mobs quickly so the main tank doesn’t get overwhelmed. They also act as down
healers too. There is a bunch of waves that will come, some have less mobs than others, the last
can be ignored. Basically once Asverien is being killed these waves come to spoil the fun. Once
the group takes care of them, they reaim Asverien, and repeat this until he is termed or he is
killed. The person dealing the killing blow will get the Diamond Of Passage and a random Rune.
Give both the rune and the Diamond to the organizer. Once everyone is wearing their red signets
and down in the room together, the organizer will give the diamond to the keeper and all will
bow arbitor.

9. The End

Everyone is on their own now, but dont fret its over, wear your cyan signet and nod treasurer.
Rewards will be listed at the end.

OC Guidelines for those running it.

Here are some tips for being a good member of the party.

1. Autoass set to off: you will want to manually attack only when you know its ok to. If not
sure then dont attack.

Practice Party heal and Incomplete heal: You will be required to heal the group. If you
don’t have either of these yet cause of lack of classes, then ask the organizer if you can
come anyway. A lot of times you can still come along.

Morgue not needed, but prefered: Dying is something you can expect to do more than twice.
Even if you are not doing anything but following along. So be mindful of this before you join.
Do not kill any of the gate keepers: Make sure you recall, make sure your weapons are off, and
ect when you are in the room with one of the 4 gatekeepers, killing one will make the whole
group have to start over.

Walk down after gates: When the emerald of passage is given everyone will be transported to
a room, the main tank will walk down first, you MUST manually walk down or you will not get
the green signet.

Check Weight/Items: This whole place is based on wearing a signet ring and recieving one, so
make sure you have the room weight and item count wise.

2. During the activities. If you are not an assigned healer on a tank you are to be using party
heal. If you are an assigned healer, then you are using incomplete heal on your tank. If someone
asks for a heal any time after this, like personally going “heal me” consider that them asking
for incomplete heal. Also do not spam party heal, after the mobs are dead, party heal should

3. In the maze, you should ask the organizer before you go off exploring the maze. Alot of times
the group might opt to go and kill every room out for full explore. So ya might not have to
venture alone, and if ya do find the need, just ask first or wait til after the maze is
completed then do it so you aren’t moving around and confusing the party.

4. If you must use triggers to be an up healer, make sure they at least work right and heal up
ALL who ask and not just the first person only.

5. Please be kind, turn off all triggers and gtell items that are not required. Everyone has to
read them and it can be quite spammy with 20+ people doing it. Plus, you might miss something
important, such as healing someone or when to kill a mob.

The Goal

1. To open the goal, say ‘yes’ to the storyteller.
2. Kill the pup mobs until you get the heart, solar, shadow, star, and wave runes.
3. Give them one at a time to the storyteller and let each story finish until tasks
2-6 close.
4. Now just go with the group on an OC run, each task will update as each part is done.
5. Goal is finished if ya make sure you participate on each part with the group and nod
at the treasurer.

The Portal

This is probably the most elite aspect of OC rewards. Asverien gives a random rune each time
he dies. You must collect all four of these to get a portal. Who gets a rune is determined by
the person who organized the OC run, not the person who gets the lucky kill. Violation of this
could equal flogging from Leaf, or at least a stern lecture from Rezit. I know in the past runes
might of been obtained via terminate or being pals with someone who termed it alot. But as of this
and as per my personal opinion the Organizer determines who is worthy of getting it. It is also
up to the organizer to represent themselves with honor and pick the most deserving who does not
yet have the portal.

1. Obtain all four runes, Vkant, Azrjen, Tylzuxr, and the rare Giztenvar.
2. Go to storyteller with all four runes in inventory and give one of them to the storyteller,
he will purge all four and give you the portal.

OC Organizers Guide.

1. Gather like 25 plus SHs at least 4 t9 tanks.

2. Assign a main tank who you know can tank Asverien.

3. Have all the tanks clear out the guardians from in and around the four
gatekeeper mobs as well as one acolyte from Arizan’s room.

4. Assign a medium tank to hold Sherizai, and one medium healer to heal them.

5. Assign a strong tank to hold Joshua, and three high mana healers to heal them
as Josh’s room is noquaff. Healers will have to cycle out to quaff and
race back to make sure to heal the tank.

6. Assign the main tank to hold Lai, make sure all others remove weapons and
flee if brought into combat. Lai dies easy but hits a tone so assign three
healers here for the tank.

(All Tanks you will be required to keep Sher, Josh, and Lai under 5%, you must remove
weapons and heal them if needed to keep them alive until they are called to be killed)

7. Take the fourth tank and just mow down Arizan and call for all to kill when Arizan
is near death.

8. In the maze, assign a scout to find the path ahead.

9. In the last maze room have the tank walk into the room not charge as you do not want
the four guardian’s engaged early. Remind everyone else to not area attack and then
have SK use clan skill on guardian 2 and 4 and Baal use clan skill on guardian 1 and
3 to keep aligns more neutral.

10. Before entering the trinity part, have everyone regroup off the organizer and on the
main tank.

11. In the Trinity part have the main tank hold the first room. Send the three other tanks
north to try and get one of the three Trinity members. Have healers incomp heal the tanks
and any other high powered t9s helping to hit the Trinity. Remember to have all recall if
all three Trinity members end up in same room.

12. During Asverien, make sure to have tank aim off Asverien until the wave mobs are dead, also
have someone who is not neutral reverse align the wave mobs. If needed cause of dispeling, have
a secondary tank ready to rescue main tank so they can spellup or better yet have someone else
just spellup the tank if their spells drop too much.
OC newbie guide (wimpy healers cliff notes edition) – Vector

door mob w of chosen ent
get hammer bag
get mark bag
wear hammer

autoass OFF

pheal while engaged on first guardians
c word when at 20%
door back and wait

guardians dead

stay disengaged to be able to inc

walk down to get sig


bow arb
wear sig

bow arb
wear sig
drop moons

bow arb
wear sig
nod treasurer

if dead…
nod keeper
uwsew is path

full path
ocx;run dnds;nod keeper;run uwsew;nod keeper;run ned;nod keeper’
| Names : oradrin’s call portal |
| Desc : -=Oradrin’s Call=- |
| Type : Portal Level : 200 |
| Worth : 800 Weight : 4 |
| Wearable : take hold |
| Flags : glow hum magic no-locate burn-proof heroonly |

The Rewards

The Rewards in OC varry and are completely random.

Everyone will get a mark to prove they completed it at least once.
To not get a second, simply wear your old mark before the end.

Now some people will just get 1mil gold, some will get a shard which can be
sold at shops for gold. Some will get tier eq, some will get rank eq. The rank
pieces are very rare. Im guessing but id say 3/20 for rank 1, 1/40 for rank 2.

Tier Eq

| Names : sherizai’s gauntlets |
| Desc : Sherizai’s Gauntlets |
| Type : Armor Level : 271 |
| Worth : 14,000 Weight : 6 |
| Wearable : take hands |
| Flags : glow invis magic no-locate burn-proof |
| Armor : Pierce : 76 Bash : 79 |
| Slash : 85 Magic : 74 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +25 Damage roll : +25 |
| : Saves : +27 Hp : +150 |

| Names : Asvarien trust |
| Desc : -=Asvarien Trust=- |
| Type : Armor Level : 255 |
| Worth : 15,000 Weight : 10 |
| Wearable : take body |
| Flags : glow magic no-locate burn-proof |
| Armor : Pierce : 82 Bash : 81 |
| Slash : 88 Magic : 78 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +26 Damage roll : +26 |
| Saves : +20 Wisdom : +10 |

| Names : greaves oryiel |
| Desc : +Greaves of Oryiel+ |
| Type : Armor Level : 255 |
| Worth : 15,000 Weight : 20 |
| Wearable : take legs |
| Flags : hum magic no-locate burn-proof |
| Armor : Pierce : 80 Bash : 85 |
| Slash : 79 Magic : 81 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +26 Damage roll : +27 |
| Saves : +22 Intelligence : +9 |

| Names : sapphire bracelet |
| Desc : Sapphire Bracelet |
| Type : Armor Level : 230 |
| Worth : 12,000 Weight : 7 |
| Wearable : take wrist |
| Flags : hum magic no-locate burn-proof |
| Armor : Pierce : 69 Bash : 73 |
| Slash : 71 Magic : 66 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +20 Damage roll : +21 |
| Luck : +3 Intelligence : +4 |

| Names : mantle deep |
| Desc : Mantle of the Deep |
| Type : Armor Level : 230 |
| Worth : 12,000 Weight : 15 |
| Wearable : take head |
| Flags : glow hum magic no-locate burn-proof |
| Armor : Pierce : 65 Bash : 72 |
| Slash : 74 Magic : 63 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +23 Damage roll : +23 |
| Strength : +5 Wisdom : +5 |
| Constitution : +5 |

| Names : jarin’s shield |
| Desc : =Jarin’s Shield= |
| Type : Armor Level : 211 |
| Worth : 14,000 Weight : 30 |
| Wearable : take shield |
| Flags : glow magic no-locate burn-proof held |
| Armor : Pierce : 66 Bash : 69 |
| Slash : 75 Magic : 64 |
| Stat Mods : Hp : +210 Damage roll : +15 |
| Resist Mods: Adds +12 resistance to water |
| Adds -6 resistance to lightning |

Rank 1 Eq

| Names : cloak deep rank1 |
| Desc : Cloak of the Deep |
| Type : Armor Level : 200 |
| Worth : 14,500 Weight : 6 |
| Wearable : take body |
| Flags : glow hum magic no-locate burn-proof heroonly |
| : noreown |
| Owned By : ?????? |
| Armor : Pierce : 117 Bash : 110 |
| Slash : 108 Magic : 93 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +34 Damage roll : +34 |
| Save vs spel : +10 Mana : +120 |
| Hp : +80 |
| Resist Mods: Adds +4 resistance to water |

| Names : oradrin’s gift rank1 |
| Desc : -=Oradrin’s Gift=- |
| Type : Light Level : 200 |
| Worth : 10,000 Weight : 4 |
| Wearable : take |
| Flags : glow hum magic no-locate burn-proof heroonly |
| : noreown |
| Owned By : ?????? |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +35 Damage roll : +35 |
| Wisdom : +5 Mana : +150 |
| Hp : +100 |

Rank 2 EQ

| Names : mantle chosen rank2 |
| Desc : -=Mantle of the Chosen=- |
| Type : Armor Level : 200 |
| Worth : 36,500 Weight : 8 |
| Wearable : take head |
| Flags : glow hum magic no-locate burn-proof heroonly |
| : noreown |
| Owned By : ?????? |
| Armor : Pierce : 158 Bash : 157 |
| Slash : 156 Magic : 123 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +40 Damage roll : +40 |
| Intelligence : +2 Wisdom : +2 |
| Strength : +2 Contitution : +2 |
| Dexterity : +2 Luck : +2 |
| Mana : +80 Hp : +280 |

| Names : destiny rank2 |
| Desc : -=Destiny=- |
| Type : Armor Level : 200 |
| Worth : 33,000 Weight : 3 |
| Wearable : take eyes |
| Flags : glow hum magic no-locate burn-proof heroonly |
| : noreown |
| Owned By : ?????? |
| Armor : Pierce : 158 Bash : 165 |
| Slash : 160 Magic : 137 |
| Stat Mods : Hit roll : +42 Damage roll : +42 |
| Saves : +12 Moves : +160 |
| Mana : +160 Hp : +160 |
| Resist Mods: Adds +8 resistance to water |
| : Adds -8 resistance to lightning |