Goal for Paradise Lost (Converted/Approved)

Goal for Paradise Lost Solution:

1. First go (run dw,open w,w) buy the fake pass to get past the
2. (run 2e2n3es) and buy a violin.
3. (run n3w2n2e) and kill Prince Belial for the Golem’s Ear.
4. Wear the ear and enter it to enter Lucifer’s room.
5. Give the violin to Lucifer and you will recieve the area quest item
and be transported.

Area portal & eq.

Object ‘your soul’ is type armor
Extra flags: magic rot-death melt-drop.
Weight is 12, value is 5000, level is 50.
Worn take float.
Armor class is 16 pierce, 16 bash, 18 slash, and 10 vs. magic.
Affects luck by 2.
Affects wisdom by 2.
Affects intelligence by 1.
Affects save vs spell by 2.