Goal for Prosper’s Island 1 & 2 – Kalista’s Version

Prosper’s Island Goal Solution:

Goal 1:
* Goal Added : Free Humbert’s people!

Head to ‘A Private Room’ (hunt humbert)
Be visible when entering
Say ‘accept’ to trigger the goal and tasks
* Task Added : Free Humbert’s people!

This task autocloses when the rest are done
* Task Added : Obtain the Wind Energy Ball.

Go to ‘Wind Turbine Room’
Kill the engineer to be blasted out of the room
Return inside the room and get the key from the remains of the engineer
Open generator and get the wind energy ball from inside
* Task Added : Acquire the Pulsating Energy Ball.

Head to ‘Energy Storage Area’
Open Secondary Tank and get pure energy from it (key)
Open tank (the primary tank) and get the pulsating energy ball from it
* Task Added : Get Prisoner Chain Ball.

Head to ‘Calabus’ Post’
Kill Calabus for the key
Open w;w to ‘The Brig’
Beckon prisoners to get them to follow
Lead them to the exit of the area to receive a Prisoner Ball and complete the task
* Task Added : Procure a Ball of Organic Matter.

Go to ‘The Cage of the Sea Monster’
Kill the Sea Monster repeatedly until you look a black ball of organic matter
* Task Added : Eliminate Sycorax.

Once you have all the balls in your inventory, head to ‘The Chamber of the Witch’
Kill Sycorax to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Return to Humbert with proof of Sycorax’s death.

Pick up Sycorax’s breast plate which loads on the ground as Sycorax dies
Head back to Humbert in ‘A Private Room’
Give the brastplate to Humbert to complete the goal.

Humbert says, “Now that you have defeated Sycorax once, if her spirit ever
returns in human form, you will be able to defeat her with a little
sailor’s luck, even without the help of the energy balls.”

Humbert’s undying gratitude
| Keywords : humberts undying gratitude |
| Name : Humbert’s undying gratitude |
| Id : 567286621 |
| Type : Armor Level : 114 |
| Worth : 2,000 Weight : 15 |
| Wearable : body |
| Score : 0 |
| Material : energy |
| Flags : magic, held, V3 |
| Found at : Prosper’s Island |
| Stat Mods : Mana : +110 |
| Resist Mods: All magic : +5 All physical : +6 |
| Skill Mods : Modifies Acid wave by +5 |
| Modifies Fire breath by +5 |
| Modifies Ice cloud by +5 |
| Modifies Toxic cloud by +5 |

Goal #2
* Goal Added : Help build a new ship for Captain Prosper.

Head to ‘The Dry Dock’ (silo key on One of Sycorax’s Spies)
Sit workbench to trigger the two tasks (no idea why there are two)
* Task added : Help build a new ship for Captain Prosper.

* Task added : Find the ship parts needed to complete the job.

Head to Southwest of ‘The Sea Witch’ (28304)
Get a delicious looking carrot from hole (container on ground)
Look for ‘A little rabbit’. When you enter the room with him in, he’ll take your carrot
Kill it and loot ‘a storm coil’
Head to ‘The Island Trivia Shop’
Buy two energy cells
Head down to ‘Inside a Gigantic Creature’
Give an energy cell to the stomach of the gigantic create and it’ll drop a bypass element
Pick up the bypass element
Go to ‘Standing on a Dune’
Open nest and get the raven egg from it
Try not to kill the raven, instead give the egg back to her to get a turbine capacitor
Head to ‘The Room of the Crystals’
Open the cabinet and get crystal majoris from the glass cabinet (might have to kill the guard)
Return to ‘The Dry Dock’
With all the items in your inventory, sit workbench to complete both tasks and the goal

Area Portal: Share Ownership of Hotele Royale & Tiberius’ Shipwright’s Hat
| Keywords : share ownership royale
| Name : a Share Ownership of Hotel Royale
| Id : 748446586
| Type : Portal Level : 100
| Worth : 4,000 Weight : 25
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : magic, held, nolocate, V3
| Owned By : Kalista
| Found at : Prosper’s Island
| Leads to : Prosper’s Island

Area Quest:
Helps to have completed Storms Ships of Lem-Dagor goal and Proper Island 1/2 Goal
First, you have to get to the Island Section of Prosper’s Island.
From Outside the Sea Witch, run wd3wnw2n2w2nes to Island Oasis Bar, then ‘get umbrella holder’ to get a rainbow colored umbrella.
run nw2s2e2se2sw to Southwest of ‘The Sea Witch’, then
open d;run dn to Before a Waterfall.
Now, ‘wear umbrella;open north;north’ to Arielis’ Cave,
Have autoloot on, and kill Arielis to loot a pleasure ball.
If you want both portals, you can wait for Arielis to repop, and then kill him again for a 2nd pleasure ball.
run 2s;open u;run uen3eue;enter circle;run e2swe3nwue2n2e
to the north-east corner of the Navigation System, battle mode.
You should find Neleat and Taelen (you can hunt either of them, too).
Give a pleasure ball to Taelen to recieve the Gold-Plated Silhouette Brooch.
Give a pleasure ball to Neleat to recieve the Storm Ship in a Bottle.
Gold Plated Silhouette brooch & Storm Ship in a Bottle

Misc Info:
To play roulette: give 4k croupier, it’s random win/lose, you have to win more than you lose enough to break the bank.