Goal for Raganatittu – Kalista’s Version

Raganatittu Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Save the village in Raganatittu.

Head to the room ‘In a small shrine’.
When Shri Ganesha gives you his spiele, say yes to trigger the goal and the first two tasks
* Task Added : Help the village of Raganatittu.

* Task Added : Defeat the malaria running rampant in the jungle.

Kill 10 Malaria mobs
Return to Shri Ganesha and say ‘i am done’ to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Eliminate the disease spreading mosquitos.

Kill 10 Mosquito mobs
Return to Shri Ganesha and say ‘the jungle is safe’ to complete the task and trigger the enxt
* Task Added : Find the ancient fakir.

Hunt for the Ancient Fakir
Be vis and enter his room and he’ll ask you if you’re there to help him find Nag
Say ‘yes’ to complete the task and triger the next
* Task Added : Remove the danger of Nag in the village.

Go find A small, shy girl.
Listen to her and then say ‘sticks’
Give her 500 coins and she’ll give you a hollow stick
Go find A strong man.
Listen to him, then give him the hollow stick
Give him 500 coins and he’ll give you a roughly fashioned flute
Wander around the village typiing ‘play flute’. Each person (girl, man, woman, boy, fakir) will give you feedback. You need to keep playing and get good feedback from all of them before the fakir will say that you have mastered the flute. You may need to kill some of the human mobs so that you can get feedback from others in the room.
Find the Nag and type ‘play flute’ to complete this task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Calm the ancient fakir.

Return to the Fakir
When prompted, say ‘yes’ to complete the task
* Task Added : Hunt down and kill the bengal tiger.

Return to Shri Ganesha and this task will trigger
Hunt down the Bengal tiger – usually along the path or in the jungle.
Kill the tiger to complete the task
Return to Shri Ganesha to complete the goal.

15 qp, 2 trains, and the Nag no longer aggros.