Goal for Realm of Deneria – Kalista’s Version

Realm of Deneria Goal Solution:

Sit on the throne and say I believe in ceol at Lobelia to begin this goal (35043)
** Goal Added : Rid the Realm of Deneria of evil once and for all.

** Task Added : Help Ceol with his vision.

Give the vision to Ceol to get other tasks.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Tentacles of Power.

Go to kelp and kill it for kelp.
Move within the water until a small fish eats the kelp.
Kill small fish for small fish chum.
Move until a big fish eats it.
Kill the big fish for big fish chum.
Move until a shark eats it.
Kill the shark for krill.
Move until the whale eats it.
Kill whale for the whale carcass.
Go to Kraken, he wont kick you out now, kill him for tentacles of power.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Miad’Bir’s Blessing.

Kill the high priest for symbol of miad’bir.
Kill sinner for confession.
Go to Confessional priest and he will make you wear blessing.
While wearing the symbol and blessing and go to high priest and say honour, truth, courage and wisdom for the miad’bir’s blessing. Don’t sac the float blessing or the symbol! You’ll need them later.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Circlet of Power.

Kill the Archmage for the circlet of power.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Blessing of the Forest.

Kill a goblin for a goblin head.
Kill a group of kobold for a kobol head.
Kill a large orc for orc head.
Go to the druid and he will give you a blessed branch.
Kill Archdruid for blessings of the forest.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Crystal Heart.

Kill Amethyst Dragon for crystal heart.
* Task Added : Enter the realm of the daemons.

Wear the 5 items and kill Ceol to be transported to the next section.
* Task Added : Rid the realm of Asmodeus.

Kill Bel for key to door.
Go to Asmodeus, wear the Ceol’s vision, float blessing, and the symbol you got earlier in the church
Kill Asmodeus to complete the goal.
Note: **it might be random to get reward.

the Light of Hope
| Keywords : light hope |
| Name : the Light of Hope |
| Type : Armor Level : 80 |
| Worth : 1,000 Weight : 5 |
| Wearable : finger |
| Flags : invis, magic, V3 |
| Found at : Realm of Deneria |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +4 Strength : +3 |
| 3 Stats | 4Dr | 0Hr | 0Sv | pts=5
| Str:+3 Dex:+0 Con:+0 Lu:+0 Wis:+0 Int:+0

Area Portal: mirror showing Deneria’s past
| Keywords : mirror deneria past |
| Name : a mirror showing Deneria’s past |
| Type : Portal Level : 70 |
| Worth : 500 Weight : 5 |
| Wearable : hold, portal |
| Flags : glow, held, V3 |
| Found at : Realm of Deneria |