Goal for Realm of Infamy – Kalista’s Version

The Realm of Infamy

Within Area
There are three separate sections.

enter brain at entrance to get to first section.
Mound of Death or Info Center > Realm of Infamy (the one with graffiti), enter corpse to get to second section.
Gates of Hades > Realm of Infamy (one of multiple) > Mirrored Room and enter corpse to get to third section.
See the Misc Information section below for a list of mobs in each section.

Goal Solutions
To open the goal, go north from the entrance, listen to the woman, and say “I will help”.

* Task Added : Talk to Fufa for some information.

Find Fufa (huntable) in the first part of the maze.
Say “who is planning to escape?” This closes the task and opens the next one.
* Task Added : Get the approval of residents.

Find Vlad the Impaler in the same section.
Say “Fufa sent me”.
Say “what favor?” You will receive a tulip. This closes the task and opens the next one.
* Task Added : Play matchmaker for Vlad the Impaler.

Find Morgan in the second section of the maze.
Give the tulip to Morgan. This will open a new task, with Vlad’s task remaining open.
* Task Added : Seek out the four beasts for Morgan le Fey.

Follow the Crynn’s Church walkthrough to get two of each of the orbs from the area (bronze/silver/gold/diamond).
Go back to Morgan and say “I have the orbs. You will close the task and receive two items (letter and handkerchief).
Give the handkerchief to Vlad to close his task and open another. Hold on to the letter he gives you, as well as to all future ones you receive. Be careful since they’re nosave.
* Task Added : Entreat with Thiol.

Find Thiol in the third section and say “Fufa sent me”. This will close the task and open another.
* Task Added : Tell Grendel’s mother to clean up her act!

Find Grendel’s mother (keyword mother) in the third section of the maze.
Say “you need to stop leaving rotting corpses all over the place”.
Kill Grendel’s mother and loot her head.
Give the head to Thiol to receive his letter, close a task and open another.
* Task Added : Romp with Rover.

Find Cerberus in the second section of the maze.
Nod at Cerberus to close this task and open another.
* Task Added : Fetch Cerbie’s doggie accoutrements.

Type ‘dig’ in one of the Realm of Infamy rooms in the second section until you find a squeaky toy. You’ll need three.
The toys do have a rot timer of a few minutes, but you can dig for all three in the same room.
Go to Canyon Memorial Hospital and kill Ms. Chilnulzil for a red dog collar.
Return to Cerberus and sit. You will receive a letter, close this task and open another.
* Task Added : Call upon the Lady of the Lake

Find Nimue in the first section and say “Fufa sent me”. This will close the task and open another.
* Task Added : Restore the gift of dreams and nightmares.

Go to Astral Travels and collect five grains of sand. One pops on the ground sese of the area entrance, so you could just collect five of them over five repops.
Go to the same room as Morpheus to automatically close this task and receive his letter. Note that you need to walk into the room, not enter it through a portal.
Go back to Nimue and say “I am done” to receive her letter, close the task and open another.
* Task Added : Judge Fufa will now hear your case.

Walk into the room with Fufa while holding all six letters and the task will complete.
* Task Added : Present Exhibit A

At Fufa, say “riddle”.
Say “fish”.
Say “Watfish” to receive incriminating documents.
Find Watfish. He autoattacks, so awe/pacify him, give him the documents, wait for him to finish talking, and say “Mordred”. This did not work for me if I was in combat with him, so make sure to awe/pacify. This will close the task and open the next one.
* Task Added : Play hide and seek with Rashyl.

Find Rashyk on the second level. She is noscan/nohunt/nowhere, so look for a neutral-aligned woman in the rooms.
Say “bat poop crazy” to close the task and open the next one.
* Task Added : Show Rashyl the ultimate hiding place.

Beckon Rashyl to get her to follow you.
Go to the Mirrored Room and enter trapdoor. It’s not visible, but it’s there.
Go north to close the task and open the next one.
* Task Added : Stop the mister and reunite the sisters.

Get the elixir from the floor.
Go to Mordred in the third section. He will attack you. Type “toss elixir” to complete the goal.
Type “beseech gabryl” or “beseech rashyl” while in the realm of Infamy to be moved to different sections of it. 1st and 2nd sections, must still enter portal to get to 3rd.

Misc Info:
The whole area (past the entrance) is PK rooms. Check ‘where’ semi-regularly, as PK-focused players will seek you out if they have quests/CPs there.

Mob locations:
All mobs are noscan, and all the generic sidekick/minion mobs (and several named mobs) are aggro.
Though not difficult, disintegrate staves will speed the navigation process up if need be.

Layer 1:
Cronus the Titan, eater of Children
Fufa champion of Remorts
Vlad the Impaler
Nimue, Lady of the Lake

Layer 2:
Cerberus the Three-Headed
Morpheus, the Sandman
Morgan le Fey

Layer 3:
Mordred the Evil
Vlad the Impaler
Rok The Psychotic Sprite
Nimue the Enchantress
Grendel’s Mother